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Thousands of homes have been burnt to the ground, families displaced, air quality reaching dangerous levels, and while organizations across the country have stepped up for the residents, it’s our job to step up for the animals

The Pet Leadership Council (PLC) has taken on disaster relief efforts once again, this time to provide aid to those impacted by the wildfires in California. After significant coordination of logistics and support from pet suppliers for those affected by Hurricanes in Texas and Florida, the PLC has now been focusing its efforts on those in need on the west coast.

“Thousands of homes have been burnt to the ground, families displaced, air quality reaching dangerous levels, and while organizations across the country have stepped up for the residents, it’s our job to step up for the animals,” said Bob Vetere Pet Leadership Council Chairman. “Our disaster relief efforts have now taken us from coast to coast allowing the pet care community the best possible chance at providing what’s needed to where it’s needed most, and for that, we’re incredibly grateful.” has been and will continue to help The Pet Leadership Council and is managing the direct communication and distribution of desperately needed items from PLC members, including food, crates, litter, hard goods and veterinary medical products.

“We are inspired by our continued partnership with the Pet Leadership Council,” says Liz Baker,’s Executive Director. “In times of disaster PLC members are a key component in allowing us to get much-needed supplies out efficiently and quickly to help pets in need.”

Here are a couple examples of how the pet care community is assisting:

Select VCA hospitals in Northern California are offering free boarding assistance for small animals, including dogs, cats, birds and pocket pets to families who are impacted due to the many wildfires burning in the area, including the Tubbs, Atlas, Cherokee, Lobo and McCourtney fires. VCA would like to remind people to call to check availability with their hospitals to ensure their pets can be helped by their healthcare teams. http://

The Petco Foundation is actively providing supplies and financial support to animal shelters, animal rescues and evacuation centers affected by or responding to the Northern California fires. They remain in contact with their animal welfare organization partners to continue assisting as their needs evolve during this rapidly changing situation.

Central Garden and Pet, a leader in the pet industry, is utilizing partnerships with disaster relief organizations to provide product donations for animals that are in need. Even in the very early stages of fire devastation in Northern California, Central had already begun the process of making donations that will go to helping dogs, cats, and horses effected by the ongoing wild fires and continues to do so now. They hope that their donations will have a positive impact on the difficult situation their friends and neighbors in Northern California find themselves in.

More information on how companies and the general public can assist in the wildfire aid efforts is available at

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