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The California Association of Legal Document Assistants (CALDA, formerly California Association of Independent Paralegals, or “CAIP”) will hold their 30th annual conference in Fresno, CA on October 13 and 14, 2017 at the Picaddilly Inn at 2305 W. Shaw Ave. ( ).   Fresno is also the site of this organization’s first conference when members were called Independent Paralegals, a term now used mistakenly since the passage of Business and Professions Code §6400 et seq., that redefined “paralegal” as those who work only for attorneys.  Although also requiring “paralegal training”, a registered and bonded “Legal Document Assistant” (LDA) may prepare legal documents for consumers, at the consumer’s direction.

CALDA’s annual conference serves as an educational workshop, networking forum and annual meeting place for this non-profit organization.   For 30 years, in addition to members educating each other, various California judges and lawyers and other professionals have supported and educated CALDA members because of the trickle-down benefits, primarily in the courtroom, when litigants are better prepared.   Instructors and attendees also receive MCLE credits for their participation (Mandatory Continuing Legal Education).  LDAs are prohibited from giving legal advice, and refer clients to LDA friendly attorneys so clients can achieve a more affordable full spectrum service. 

Ian Duncan, President of CALDA says, “Although continuing education of LDAs was not a statutory requirement until January 1, 2016, CALDA members have been required to attend on-going education since day one.”  Fresno Conference Chair, Robin Schumacher, refers to CALDA’s humble beginnings as CAIP in 1987 that “…has undergone many changes and expanded well beyond a ‘small group’.  There are CALDA members in most counties throughout the state.  Something that has not changed however, is the association’s carefully constructed mission to encourage high standards, sponsor education, establish networking, and maintain professional relationships with the legal community .”  Schumacher also stresses that one need not be a CALDA member to attend CALDA programs and can learn more about the conference at .

CALDA promotes growth, development, and recognition of the Legal Document Assistants’ profession as an integral partner in the delivery of legal services. Membership consists of registered and bonded California Legal Document Assistants, Bankruptcy Petition Preparers, Social Security Disability Advocates, SSI Advocates, and sustaining members who support and enhance the LDA profession.

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Source: California Association of Legal Document Assistants

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