Subject: Local Veteran to Release Documentary Film Outlining Serious Malpractice at Audie L. Murphy V.A. Hospital in San Antonio, Texas tonight.

Date/Time of Event:10/4/18 – 7PM

Location of Event:VFW Post 76 – 10 10th Street, San Antonio, Texas 78215



SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS – 10-04-2018 ( — Ron Clarke – an honorably discharged USAF Veteran has released a documentary film entitled “Edge of Nowhere” which will have its’ premiere in San Antonio at the VFW Post #76 in San Antonio, Texas.

In February 2015, Mr. Clarke entered the VA Hospital in San Antonio for a “routine surgery”.He awoke from a coma over 1 month later unable to eat or drink with a large gaping wound in his abdomen and an esophagus that was stapled shut.

Mr. Clarke underwent 22 different surgical procedures and subsequent treatments with a cost to taxpayers more than 4 million dollars.

During an investigation, it was revealed from an Audie L. Murphy VA Internal “Administrative Investigation Board” that Dr. Michelle Savu, who performed Mr. Clarke’s surgery was found to be incompetent by her own peers as outlined in the internal report.

Ron Clarke:“The reason this film was produced was to bring to light the incompetence of one VA surgeon who had multiple Federal Tort Claims filed against her – yet she was allowed to continue to practice.

I am not the only Veteran who was damaged by Michelle Savu.I had two main goals; 1) to insure Michelle Savu never touches another Veteran and 2) to insure that this story is told.The film will reveal that Michelle Savu is no longer with the San Antonio VA and this film will expose the horrible treatment at the VA in San Antonio……being able to release the internal investigation memo is central to this film and should be seen by the general public!

It’s a deep hard look at how the VA operates in San Antonio and what they try to hide!Only a Federal Tort Claim and lawsuit (which was settled by the VA in June 2018) brought this to light and now the light needs to shine even brighter on all that is wrong with the V.A.San Antonio is “Military City, USA” and military Veteran deserve better here – – and everywhere.”

The film outlines the VA malpractice issue nationwide, its’ impact on the taxpayer, Mr. Clarke’s individual military service and subsequent treatment at the VA (to include the internal investigation report), and how malpractice takes a toll on the Veterans family and friends.

To arrange an interview and discussion in detail of the internal memo, please contact Ron Clarke directly via Email to [email protected] or call (210)784-7220.



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Company Name: IFF Productions
Full Name: Ronald Clarke
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