MIAMI,FL – 12-11-2018 ( — LuxeCalendar has created a wide variety of calendars in over 50 different styles, all freely available for printing with many that are also customizable. The premade calendars are available in English, French, Spanish, and German though customization allows for calendar creation in an additional 4 languages.

LuxeCalendar has been offering its ever-expanding database of free calendars since 2015. The site also makes available a selection of tools that allow the creation of customized planners, as well as a series of convenient checklists to help organize babysitting, camping, chores or passwords. notes 10 specific reasons that using a printable paper calendar is often preferable to other digital options:

It is easier to reference an entire month in one glance.
Physically writing something down helps people to remember events more clearly.
Creating reminders is as easy as grabbing a pen and making a notation.
They are a convenient way to manage health needs, or nutrition and exercise schedules.
Similar, digital calendars stored online feel less tangible and often go unchecked.
No beeps, alerts, messages or lack of batteries to worry about.
Paper calendars double as instant diaries.
Planning events with children becomes more fun with a physical calendar.
Project managers can use them as an easy way to reference long term scenarios.
They are free to download and use.
Each calendar is fully updated on the site, month by month as needed, and includes plenty of blank space to add quotes, jot down notes or personalize in a myriad of other ways.

“We are seeing more people going back to old fashioned pen-and-paper calendars and organizational tools every day; even now, in the age of the smartphone,” said its founder. “It could be a type of technophobia, a difference of planning styles, generational differences, or just the idea that it isn’t really official until it’s written down by hand. But whatever the reason, we’re happy to help by offering calendars and organizing tools of all types.”


Founded in 2017, LuxeCalendar is dedicated to providing simple and practical free printable calendars in a largely digital world. Calendars are continually updated over a span of two years, and are available in an increasing variety of types and designs. is working to expand its current offerings by adding small office tools, free on-demand holiday APIs, as well as free budgeting and time accounting software soon. For more information and updates, visit:

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