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Learners who received learning reinforcement outperformed 84% of their peers who received only classroom training.

Hermann Ebbinghaus proved that much of what we learn in a class is forgotten within 30 days after the class ends. The amount of forgetting is usually projected to be 80% or more of the content. To address that problem, Baker Communications (BCI) has added a new learning reinforcement tool to its Exceptional Management Skills (EMS) class. The learning reinforcement product is called ReCall, and it uses gamification to increase learner engagement. If a learner forgets a concept, or gets an answer wrong, they can click on a “learn more” button to review the material that they’re having trouble grasping.

Starting in late December 2017, all attendees to the public schedule of Exceptional Management Skills training will also receive a 30-day version of the BCI learning reinforcement tool. That offer is also being extended through its training partner network, so that their partners can provide their students with the same capability. The tool takes key behaviors and concepts, and reinforces them using gamification on both mobile and desktop devices. Students in each public class event will receive a cohort-shared version of the tool, so that reinforcement activities and leaderboard results begin at the same time for each group of attendees.

Using learning reinforcement tools in combination with classroom training has been shown to increase retention from 20% up to 80% or higher, depending upon the topic. “Adding learning retention tools to our EMS trainings will be a solid way to protect our customer’s training investment in their managers,” said Walter Rogers, the CEO of Baker Communications (BCI). “And because intention is improved, this helps our clients’ managers do a better job of managing and coaching their employees. We think that’s a significant value proposition for our customers.”

Baker Communications tagline is that “world class performance never happens by accident.” BCI stresses that it takes a combination of proven concepts and constant practice, along with reinforcement and great coaching to create world class performers. That’s been proven by educational research. Baker Communications likens these performance differences to results seen in professional sports.

“The earnings difference between the very top PGA players – the upper 2% of the players on tour – is pretty incredible, even through August of 2017,” said Joe DiDonato, Vice President of Learning. “The average earnings difference was greater than $6,220,000 when compared to those PGA touring pros who were scoring around the tour average. What makes that earning difference stand out even more is when you consider that the average scoring difference was less than 2 strokes between the tour leaders and those at the middle of the pack. We believe this same small performance gain can be taught, practiced, reinforced and coached. And we think the net result will be equally impactful for our customers.”

This inclusion of learning reinforcement tools, as well as one-on-one coaching, helps push performance to the upper 2% of the bell curve of performance, according to BCI. According to education researcher Benjamin Bloom, studies he performed showed that learners who received learning reinforcement outperformed 84% of the people trained in the classroom alone. Those same studies showed that learners who were coached or mentored in a one-to-one venue, outperformed 98% of those learners who received only classroom training. That’s a 2-sigma difference in performance.

For more information about Baker Communications, please visit their website at You can also take the BCI Behavioral Assessment for free. The link can be found on the company’s home page. Assessing your own style and learning how to discover and interact with the behavior styles of your employees, is part of the core curriculum. The direct link to the starting point of the behavior assessment section is: Simply click the “Learn Your Style” button on that page when you’re ready to take your own behavior style assessment.

T-Mobile, Amazon Web Services, the American Heart Association and Ingersoll Rand were four of BCI’s customers who finished in the top tier of the highly competitive Learning! 100 Awards in 2017. To learn more about these customers’ award-winning training initiatives, please download this reprint:

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