This follows the conference’s announcement of an incredible line-up of speakers, including Sir Richard Branson, Gary Vaynerchuk, Jack Welch, Robin Wright, Steve Forbes, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Simon Sinek, Malcolm Gladwell, Ray Kurzweil, Jimmy Wales, Guy Kawasaki, and Kimberly Guilfoyle.

Details about the panels are below:

Panel 1: The Nuts and Bolts of Building a Multi-Million Dollar Business“, presented by Entrepreneur Magazine.

During this panel, Entrepreneur Magazine’s Editor-In-Chief Jason Feifer will conduct a no-holds-barred roundtable with four rules-breaking entrepreneurs who have founded or run multi-million dollar businesses, including:

Chieh Huang, Founder/CEO, Boxed, the mobile wholesale app often billed as Amazon-Meets-Costco. With over $130 million in funding, Boxed expects revenues to surpass $100 million this year, up from $8 million just two years ago. Boxed was named to FORBES list of the 25 Next Billion-Dollar Startups.

Leslie Short, Founder/CEO, K.I.M. Media. Leslie has worked hand-in-hand with iconoclastic entrepreneur and TV personality Daymond John for the past twenty-plus years, spending ten years as the President of Marketing, Advertising & PR for FUBU The Collection and FB Entertainment. Starting in 2012 Short also ran the build out, design and operations for Daymond John’s The Shark Group and blueprint +co. 

Ludovic Huraux, Co-Founder and CEO, Shapr. This serial entrepreneur co-founded the professional networking app Shapr as a way to foster serendipitous business encounters and make networking a daily habit for professionals around the globe.

Aubrey Marcus CEO/Founder of Onnit, a $28 million fitness/optimization/nutrition company with a popular podcast. His brand is based on a holistic health philosophy he calls Total Human Optimization.

Panel 2:The Future of The Tech Revolution” panel will be moderated by Maneet Ahuja, CNBC’s Hedge Fund Specialist and “Squawk Box” Producer.

Known as CNBC’s “Wall Street Whisperer”, Maneet will sit down with some of the country’s most prolific money managers and venture capitalists to discuss their biggest bets in tech, the never-ending quest for innovation and what insurmountable problem the next multi-billion dollar start-up will solve.

Panel 3: “Should You Catch the Bitcoin Wave or Stay on Shore?” will address the staying power of bitcoin.

Morgan Stanley’s Chief Executive declared yesterday that bitcoin is “more than just a fad.” On the other hand, hedge fund legend Ray Dalio said last week that “bitcoin is a bubble.” Our soon to be announced panelists debate how far Bitcoin can climb, or fall.

Panel 4: “How Businesses Can Take Advantage of Artificial Intelligence NOW” will educate attendees on how A.I. can help increase revenue in the near future.

You can’t open a business publication without reading how Artificial Intelligence will transform the economy. But for many, A.I. is a confusing and intimidating maze. Our soon to be announced panelists discuss ways A.I. can strengthen revenue streams, or create entirely new ones.


Known as one of the world’s premier business events, Synergy Global Forum’s goal is to offer professionals and entrepreneurs in Europe, Asia and North America an unforgettable experience where they have a chance to learn, network, share, grow and have fun with the brightest minds alive. During the event, 11 global icons will gather on one stage to discuss today’s most cutting edge topics related to leadership, innovation, strategy, technology, social networks and “fake news,” entrepreneurship, performance, efficiency, social responsibility, intellect and growth. A program can be downloaded by visiting

The event is supported by MIT Management Executive Education, NYU Stern, Ivy, and Shapr.

Registration is open for the Forum on October 27-28, which will include the most recognizable and diverse lineup of speakers. For over two days 5,500 participants will be able to network with the best professionals and influencers in numerous industries.

Opportunities for discounted group rates, student rates and hotel fairs are also available.

About Synergy Global Forum
“A Master Class in Disruption” presented by Synergy Global Forum 2017 dedicates itself to offering professionals and entrepreneurs in Europe, Asia and North America an unforgettable experience where they have a chance to learn, network, share, grow and have fun with the brightest minds alive. Synergy Global Forum will take place October 27-28 in New York City’s iconic Madison Square Garden. For more information and to register, please visit

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