TAMPA BAY, JACKSONVILLE, ORLANDO, FORT MYERS, NEW ORLEANS – 01-18-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — In November 2017, Master Aluminum began installation of a new custom-made powder coating oven and spray booth. By April 2018 it was fully operational. Additionally, they have hired a powder coating applicator with more than 15 years’ experience painting shutters to ensure the highest quality results.

Mario Calleja president of Master Aluminum stated, “We always strive to build the highest quality product possible. We felt the only way to accomplish this with the shutter finishes was to bring the process in house. Powder coating a louvered product such as aluminum shutters is certainly a challenging product to paint. It takes years of experience to be able to properly apply the powder between the blades and in corners without getting excessive powder on the leading edges of the blades. Only experienced applicators can recognize inconsistencies and quickly solve issues inherent in the manufacturing process, especially with intricate products such as shutters.”Master Aluminum also purchased new GEMA Optiflex 2B spray guns. These are state of the art manual guns uniquely suited for painting custom orders, large or small.Having the powder coating process in house provides many advantages to our clients:

  1. Quality Control – Shutters are considered extremely difficult to powder coat given the number of leading edges and small surface areas. However, with the new in-house capabilities, they are able to control the uniformity of the powder application through the following:
  2. Thickness of the powder applied is monitored with a digital mil gauge.
  3. Inconsistencies can be addressed immediately and repainted if necessary.
  4. Powder is applied by an experienced professional. 
  5. Manufacturing – By no longer outsourcing the powder coating process, the turnaround time of orders is greatly improved by not having to wait extra days or weeks due to painting delays at the off-site facility before shutters are shipped. If necessary, Master Aluminum can now expedite orders in just a few days.
  6. Shipping – In general, they can now assign accurate shipping dates to orders when they are placed, enabling clients to schedule installations well in advance.
  7. Cost – With lower expenses related to the packing, shipping and powder coating at an off-site facility, Master Aluminum is now able to pass those savings on to our clients while maintaining our commitment to product excellence.

Master Aluminum’s Bahama and Colonial Shutters are unique in that each step of the process is completely under control, so that the product you receive meets our high standards.About Master Aluminum: Master Aluminum was founded in 1987. The company is a wholesale manufacturer of custom aluminum Bahama shutters and Colonial Shutter. They build both hurricane impact shutters and decorative shutters. As a wholesale manufacturer the company sells to builders, contractors and dealers throughout the United States and the Caribbean. For more information contact their office through their website https://masteralum.com or call (727) 725-1744

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