LOS ANGELES, CA – 11-26-2018 (PRDistribution.com) — Our extensive, customized, exhaustive, and regularly-updated contact list contains a database of over 300,000 editorial opportunities globally, with customized options for each state in the US. The list can cater to different needs, and the contacts information has representatives who deal with various industries whether it is business, technology, health, or finance among others. The database can be exported easily to allow you to quickly identify the target media outlets and publications and ensure that your message gets to the right correspondents there.

Our media contacts list can be queried based on the state, media contactsmedia outlets, mail, fax, phone, or email. You can also preview the results to gauge what exactly you will be getting. The contact lists can be imported to MailChimp, Outlook, Excel, and other formats. The media list can help you to get global exposure easily and can choose your preferred media hours or representatives.

Whether you are developing and saving a media contact directory to create new relationships with editors and journalists, looking for certain segments of the media to send your press release to, researching certain aspects of the media to establish you marketing or branding strategies to, or inviting the media to press events, our media contacts list has everything you need in a convenient place. The media list consists of representatives of radio and TV stations, magazines, and Newspapers, ensuring that your press release will reach the right audience.

Our media contact database is searchable to provide any data that is required by the user. Our database is updated over weekly. Our contact details are all working, and we try to ensure that they link to the right representative in the respective media hours. By purchasing the database, you will acquire contacts of global media contacts, and you can also save or create your distribution list, filtering them based on the location or categories. Our database is also easy to use, and the data can be obtained quickly. Media contact directory contains everything that will make sure that you can popularize your business, event, product, or service.

For additional information about purchasing the media contact database, and pricing: Check out our Pricing page.

Media Contacts:

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Full Name: Media Contacts List
Email Address: Send Email
Website: https://www.mediacontactslist.com/

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