SANTA MONICA, CA – 11-26-2018 ( — All the people who are engaged with public relations campaigns prefer to get hold of media contacts. It can assist them to stay away from frustration when getting in touch with the right people to spread the news.

Media Contacts List has introduced a revolutionary solution, which can assist any corporate communications department or public relations agency to get in touch with media personnel in a breeze. In other words, the solution offered by Media Contacts List can be used to build up a reliable media list within a short period of time. The media list can be used for both promotion as well as publicity of the business. For example, information extracted out of the media contacts listcan be used to distribute news alerts and press releases.The media contact database offered by Media Contacts List is linked with a variety of benefits when compared to other media lists. For example, the entire media contact directory would be offered in a CSV format. Therefore, it can easily be integrated with other applications, which are being used by the business. For example, it would be possible to import the media contact database into Google Spreadsheets or Microsoft Excel to ensure convenient management.If the emails are being sent using an email client such as Outlook or Thunderbird, it would be possible to mail merge the list and send out the announcement to thousands of individuals within a short period of time. The media contacts list can also be imported directly into Constact, MailChimp or any other email service of your preference.Media Contacts List is a quick and an affordable solution, which can deliver amazing results to corporate communications departments and public relations agencies. It has the ability to automate most of the manual work. As a result, people who use Media Contacts List will get the opportunity to save a considerable amount of time and money in the long run as well. Media Contacts List can be used in the long run in order to communicate what the business has got to potential clients along with time. Therefore, Media Contacts List can be considered as an important and a useful tool, which any company or PR agency should purchase.

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