Qualifying team members from MELA Group Inc recently spent time in Dallas with industry leaders from across North America. The firm’s Director discussed the strengths of those who attended, and the benefits of this trip.

Press Release updated: Sep 29, 2017 09:00 PDT

​The Director of Operations for MELA Group Inc, Michael F., feels very strongly about the need to create an empowering culture at the firm. In his opinion, this focus on cultivating the kind of environment that encourages and inspires is what sets his company apart from others in their space.

“One of the best practices we’ve adopted for building a success culture is traveling together as a team,” Michael explained. “There are so many benefits that I consider trips as investments rather than expenses or mere perks.”

The most recent excursion was a leadership conference in Dallas, Texas, where a number of MELA Group Inc associate s spent the weekend. The convention was packed with industry leaders willing to share their knowledge, and the team had ample opportunities to network with these high achievers while also strengthening the bonds with their coworkers.

“One of the best practices we’ve adopted for building a success culture is traveling together as a team. There are so many benefits that I consider trips as investments rather than expenses or mere perks.

Michael F., Director of Operations

“I’m really proud of how many people stepped up and hit their goals so that they could be on this trip with me,” Michael stated. “Tim J., Johnny H., Nick C., Ariel R., Gema Z., Kym O., and Jose L. all did what it took to qualify for this weekend. It was a real statement to walk into the convention center with such a large group of people, and it established MELA Group Inc as one of the companies really making things happen this year.”

Michael went on to talk about the strengths of each of the team members who accompanied him. He said that Tim, for example, is easily recognized by his tenacity. Not only does he see everything through to the end, but he also puts 100 percent effort into his work. Johnny’s morale is always high, and his positive energy inspires everyone around him. Nick is a military man, and as such he brings organization and a bit of tough love with him to the MELA Group Inc office.

“Ariel is also a beacon of positive energy for everyone. It’s impossible not to feel optimistic around her,” Michael continued. “Gema has amazing potential, and she’s extremely motivated to reach her professional goals. She’s like an uncut diamond that will become a priceless gem. Kym’s one of our more seasoned veterans, and she plans to apply the executive-level management skills she learned about in Dallas to her everyday routine. Finally, Jose exemplifies a business-owner mentality, and has remarkable drive when it comes to achievement.”

What Makes the Dallas Trip Special to MELA Group Inc’s Director

While the learning and networking opportunities were incredible, there are other characteristics of the Dallas trip that make it important to MELA Group Inc. According to Michael, the weekend is a reminder that no matter how much success an associate achieves, there are always loftier goals for which to strive. He said it is also an eye opener that whatever target one of his team members aims for, they can hit it. That’s the power of getting together with the leaders who have started in entry-level positions and achieved the highest levels of accomplishment. “A sprout is a tree for an ant, until you’re around other trees,” Michael said. “That means that getting around more accomplished people is the only way to know how much room there is to grow.”

About MELA Group Inc

MELA Group offers comprehensive marketing and consulting services. The team produces outreach campaigns that help Fortune 500 telecom companies connect targeted consumers to a federal wireless program. Their work quickly yields measurable outcomes and generates ongoing success. The executives are known for their flexibility and commitment to excellence. It’s a reputation that drives a vast portfolio and a record of lasting accomplishment. The firm’s training system ensures that the team has the skills and insights needed to succeed. All the best tools are within reach. To learn more about the company, go to melagroup.com.

Source: MELA Group Inc

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