NEW ORLEANS, LA – 10-21-2018 ( — Michael Ace Smith is one of the most promising new authors in the crime thriller genre. He has published seven books, and the Kindle version of them can be purchased on Amazon for a limited-time price of only $0.99.

Michael Ace Smith’s first book is Crime: Full Circle which was published on September 22, 2017. This book tells the tale of Detective Ralph Houston who is trying to catch a kidnapping suspect who got away due to lack of evidence. With the beautiful Oahu Beach as the setting, Full Circle is a perfect combination of intense crime story and a flawless-setting description which supports the storyline.

His second book is Crime: Revenge is Thicker than Water. It revolves around Alice, a woman who comes back to her hometown for a vacation but ends up finding new leads in the murder case of her sister. Besides trying to find justice for her sister, Alice also has to escape from someone who really wants to kill her.

“Michael Ace Smith is truly a gem. He has a distinctive style that makes him unique compared to the other crime thriller authors. The plot of his books is thick and the storyline mesmerizing. I have been a huge fan of him since Full Circle, and I definitely will wait for his other masterpieces in the future,” said Savannah Ling, a reader of Michael Ace Smith’s books.

By the time Mr. Smith published his third book, Bear Country and Murder, his fan base had grown, and more people started reading his books. After Bear Country and Murder, Mr. Smith published four more titles under his Crime series—Violence Knows No Boundaries, A Story of Betrayal, A Small Town with Big Secrets, and Murder in a Small Town. Murder in a Small Town is a tale of a small, secluded town that is shaken by an unexpected murder. This newest Crime novella sets Michael Ace Smith as one of the most highly anticipated authors in the crime thriller genre.

About Michael Ace Smith

When he was a little boy, Michael Ace Smith received a huge box containing dozens of novels and books from his uncle. Those forty Hardy Boys novels he read in his childhood sparked his love and interest in the world of literacy until he became a writer himself. Mr. Smith’s books are in the crime thriller genre, and he has published seven books so far. When he is not writing, Mr. Smith spends his free time playing with his dog, Isabel, and watching professional tennis.

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