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Mike Manclark is committed to making the world a better place. For a long time, he had looked for a charity most worthy of his attention and dedication, and he has found this in the Children’s Emergency Hostel in Nassau, the Bahamas. Having visited the Bahamas several times, Manclark was shocked by the huge disparity between the rich and the poor, and he noticed how the young have suffered the most from this.

Manclark Discovers the Children’s Emergency Hostel

On one of those visits, he came across the Children’s Emergency Hostel. He saw the important work that they are doing, and their ability to put a smile on the faces of children who had so little. Those children stole his heart, and the charity’s commitment to empowering young people made it clear to him: this would be the charity to focus on.

Manclark and his family were truly touched when they visited the Children’s Emergency Hostel in Nassau. It was obvious that the hostel required some significant improvements, having insufficient living supplies and appliances. Although a hostel for children, it didn’t even have any coloring crayons, making it an unsuitable place for children to find happiness. Unfortunately, the government in the Bahamas was not capable of offering any assistance other than true essentials.

Mike, together with his family, instantly decided that they would take charge and transform the hostel and the children within it for the better. The Manclarks invested their own time and money and they rebuilt it from the ground up, turning it into a place in which the children are actually supported to find happiness, something rarely seen in an orphanage.

What Manclark and the MANGIC Foundation Did for the Orphanage

Mike is the founder and CEO of the MANGIC Foundation, which he had established as a way to give back, having made his fortune with his aircraft painting company. With MANGIC, Mike is able to focus on giving people a helping hand and make difference in their lives.

With the help of MANGIC and his family, Mike was able to make a donation of absolute necessities for the Children’s Emergency Hostel. Those included paints for both inside and out and new air conditioning units. Furthermore, they were able to construct a new playground with a safety area as well. Broken appliances in the kitchen were immediately removed and replaced with new, state of the art, equipment. The kitchen was fully repaired and a surround sound system was even installed. Last but not least, new furniture was purchased for the children to enjoy. It was as if Christmas had come early. What Manclark essentially did, was make sure that the donations would be tangible and visible, and that they would have a direct and immediate positive impact.

Impact on the Children

The time and money invested by Mike and MANGIC paid off straight away. Almost instantly, children became more creative and it was clear that they had found hope again. This is something that will stay with them for the rest of their lives, giving them the chance to become happy adults later in life. Having stolen the hearts of Mike Manclark and his family, the children were treated to a Big Mac at McDonald’s as a way to celebrate the improvements. This was followed by a day at the beach, before finally having a movie night during which each child was given popcorn, some sweets, and a teddy bear.

Impact on the Government of the Bahamas

The local media got wind of Mike’s efforts and this, in turn, led to the Minister of the Bahamas becoming involved with the work. In collaboration with the government, they were able to determine which elements required the most help, and how to ensure that the contributions from Mike and MANGIC would be sustainable.

Future Plans for the Children’s Emergency Hostel

Mike Manclark now intends to set funds aside for scholarships for abused and/or orphaned children who live in the Children’s Emergency Hostel. In so doing, he hopes that more will be inspired to become the best they can be. He also aims to show his own children the importance of philanthropic work, and how helping others is something that everybody should be committed to. Mike feels as if he now has an extended family not just within the orphanage itself, but also in the Bahamas, as he worked with a number of locals.

Mike and his family can’t wait to visit the Bahamas again. They want to continue to see the children develop and blossom into the fine young adults they are destined to be.

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