SINKBOSS, LugBug, BabyDoppler, Baby Banana and Travel Tray Selected As Best Baby and Kids Products at 2017 All Baby and Child Expo in Las Vegas

Press Release updated: Oct 27, 2017 11:01 PDT

“Millennial Mom” Jenna Barnett featured her Top 5 Products of the ABC Show 2017 on KTLA today. The TV contributor and parenting product guru recently attended the 2017 ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas in search of the newest, coolest and best products of the show.

“The ABC Kids Expo is the place to be to discover what’s hot and new for millennial moms like myself!” said “Millennial Mom” Jenna Barnett. “I am so excited to share my top 5 favorite products of the show this year.”

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“The ABC Kids Expo is the place to be to discover what’s hot and new for millennial moms like myself!” said “Millennial Mom” Jenna Barnett. “I am so excited to share my top 5 favorite products of the show this year.”

Jenna Barnett AKA Millennial Mom, Millennial Mom

Here are Jenna’s Picks for the Top 5 Products from the ABC Kids Expo 2017 as featured on KTLA:


The CDC recently released guidelines for washing infant feeding supplies and breast pump equipment which states that these items should never be placed directly in any sink when being cleaned because of the risk of a contaminated sink basin. Thankfully, a physician’s assistant and mom of 3 invented the SINKBOSS to make your life easier and more sanitary. SINKBOSS is a portable, space-saving solution for washing and drying baby bottles, pacifiers, breast pump parts and more when you’re on-the-go. The inventor came up with the idea when she realized how unsanitary it was to wash her baby’s bottles in a hotel room sink and dry them on the counter. SINKBOSS can be used anywhere, hotels, offices, campgrounds and of course, at home. The hook and strap system allows you to hang the SINKBOSS from various overhead and adjacent structures, like a hotel room towel rack. But SINKBOSS isn’t just for baby items! It’s great for nursing moms to use at work or anywhere you need to wash while on-the-go. 

$49.99, Free Shipping Offered.


Every parent knows the literal pain of lugging a heavy infant car seat. The position of the car seat handle is awkward and not a natural way for our arms to carry heavy objects. A study found that nearly half of all parents have experienced shoulder, back or neck pain as a result of carrying a car seat. That’s why a clever dad has invented LugBug. LugBug is a sturdy, reliable and easy-to-use handle that attaches to almost any infant car seat to prevent strain-related injuries on parents. It’s a comfortable attachment for any baby carrier that eases tension on the wrist, forearm, and shoulder. The handle promotes a neutral wrist position that increases grip stability and decrease lifting effort. 



Before BabyDoppler, the only way to listen to your unborn baby’s heartbeat was at a doctor’s office or purchase your own fetal doppler costing hundreds of dollars. After a mom of 4 went through a scary pregnancy experience, she set out to give all pregnant moms some peace of mind by creating a company that provides fetal dopplers for a fraction of the price. Starting at just around $40, moms can listen to their baby’s heartbeat in the comfort of their own home. BabyDoppler is the #1 retailer of fetal dopplers and they offer tons of other products for babies and pregnancy. They also has a great blog to educate consumers about all aspects of pregnancy.

$37.94 and up,

Baby Banana Smoothie Soothers & Teething Toothbrush

When I saw the Baby Banana booth at the ABC Expo, I knew I had to talk about them today. The Baby Banana Toothbrush is one of the most identifiable baby products on the market and like millions of other babies, my daughter was obsessed with it. Everyone I trust from my pediatrician to reputable baby educators recommended the baby banana infant toothbrush because it soothes gums while also keeping teeth and gums healthy. Plus, the design ensures it’s not a choking hazard! Once I got chatting with the folks at Baby Banana, they gave me sneak peek at their next product to be released next year — Smoothie Soothers. These lightweight, easy-to-grasp teethers feature stimulating textures to soothe sore teeth and gums. 

$8.95 & $13.95,

Travel Tray

This is another one of those ingenious baby products I wish I came up with. Snacks are a must to keep my daughter happy in the car, but the mess it creates can be a real headache. I’ve tried bags and snack cups, but they always seem to fall, spill or be dropped where she can’t reach it while I am driving. Travel Tray solves this problem! It’s a portable tray that you place inside the car seat’s cupholder to keep snacks handy and mess free. It holds a bottle or cup and features a tray to put food or snacks on so that a parent can stay focused on the road. $14.99,

About “Millennial Mom” Jenna Barnett

Jenna Barnett aka “Millennial Mom” is an outgoing lifestyle media personality who has appeared on various top-rated national and local television stations including KTLA, CBS LA, NBC LA, FOX LA, NBC San Diego, Fox San Diego, NBC Miami, FOX & CBS Bakersfield, and more.

Jenna has a long history of being an on-air lifestyle expert and when she became a mom, she quickly realized how under-served moms of her generation were. Millennial moms are different from previous generations. They want smart, functional products that don’t skimp on style.  Luckily, Jenna has a knack for scoping out the latest must-haves for stylish mamas and their families.

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About ABC Kids Expo

ABC Kids Expo is a private trade show for the juvenile products industry and is not open to the general public. It is the premier juvenile products specialty show in the world, with over 900 exhibitors utilizing 3000 booths.

Visit www.theabcshowcom for more information. ​

Source: “Millennial Mom” Jenna Barnett

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