NEW YORK CITY – 10-18-2018 ( — Well, now there is. Cindy Ann Peterson globally launched the AICI CIC Accelerator(SM) program at the State University of New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) as part of the AICI New York Tri-State’s Association of Image Consultants International, Certified Image Consultant (AICI CIC) 2018 Fall Education Day. Designed as an intensive one-day .6 continuing education units (AICI CEU) course, Peterson’s Accelerator(SM) prepared students for the rigors of the Portfolio and the AICI CIC exam, which test for subject matter expertise in Appearance, Behavior, and Communication; the core competencies of an AICI internationally certified image consultant. Peterson’s AICI CIC Accelerator(SM), the first program of this kind, demystifies the certification process and walks prospective international image consultants through the AICI CIC examination process.

Why have a certifiable standard of excellence? The key word here is “standard”.An analogy might be aviation, where students can get their training from any flight school they want. However, you can’t actually get a pilot’s license until you take both a written and a practical Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) administered exam. The FAA exam is the standard that verifies your competence in both flying an airplane, your ability to follow the rules of the airspace, and knowledge of what to do in case of an emergency.Likewise, regardless of where prospective image consultants get their training, AICI administers the exam through Castle Worldwide, an independent agency.

  • After passing the exam, AICI will then conduct a professional portfolio review to gauge the overall knowledge, experience, and professional aptitude of the prospective image consultant.
  • As the largest global image association, an AICI certification is in fact a requirement for working in many countries.

Cindy Ann Peterson noted that, “The AICI CIC Accelerator(SM) course creates the perfect synergy between FIT’s image consulting programs and AICI’s CIC certification process to become an internationally certified image consultant.”

When you hire an image expert for advice, ask if they are AICI certified.About Cindy Ann PetersonPeterson is an Author, Designer, Speaker, Trainer, Keynote and Internationally Certified Image Consultant. Author of Cindy Ann Peterson’s AICI CIC Accelerator(SM), Co-Author of My Style, My Way and The Power of CivilityFor more information about Cindy Ann Peterson

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