USA – 11-13-2018 ( — The phenomenon of forgetting children in cars during the summer months is something we are increasingly reading about in the last few years. Most parents insist that forgetting a child in the car is something they’d never do, or will never happen to them. According to the National Safety Council (, 48 children died in hot cars from January to September 2018. Today’s way of life that can be described as extremely intense and stressful is the most common cause of parenting. Most of the parents of today function on the principle of multitasking, or at the same time carrying out several tasks or tasks, which reduces the quality and attention of performing individual work.

 At an elevated level of stress, parents are inclined to anticipate situations and forget about certain segments, unfortunately sometimes even to their own child or pet waiting in the car. As a prevention and advice to parents to avoid such a tragic event, a new app called Baby Jaserick is launched and already available for free download worldwide. The app helps in prevention by simply alarming the parent and caregiver that the child or pet is in the vehicle.

In addition to this, the application has other uses to make a parent’s life easier by helping them schedule children’s activities such as sports activities, a school, a parent’s appointments, traveling or reminder for pets, groceries, medication reminder.

Baby Jaserick has customizable notifications which mean that the user can set a reminder with a wide selection of alarm sounds, personalized voice alarm or video alarm. There is also a possibility to upload photos. At the end of reminder, the application will change color and stay active until it is deactivated. This is a great app which will organize your life and activities to spend more time with your family or have time for activities that make you happy and fulfilled. Easy-to-use applications enable families to set up and manage alarms and reminders and have fun without daily stress.  

Baby Jaserick is available for free download at the App Store and Google Play. We encourage all parents to try Baby Jaserick today and remember to “Don’t Forget The Baby!”

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