Father to Son: Words of Wisdom Every Son Should Consider by Eric Willis, is now available.

DESOTO, TEXAS – 08-12-2018 (Press Release Jet) — Today’s young men have more freedom, education and opportunities at their disposal. However, they are ill-equipped to make the best life-decisions without a father’s guiding voice. This new book from X-Protégé (Ex-pro-te-jay) Publishing is designed to fill the gap in leadership by helping with their thinking and planning before taking action. 

With the voice of a caring father, the author expounds upon a variety of topics including: knowledge about finance, relationships, travel, education, tenacity, business and more. The book offers systematic approaches for accomplishing goals and uses practical, easy-to-understand language. The book is packed with the kind of wisdom and logic that will assist young men with making better choices. The book is also designed to help them understand that they are far more valuable than they realize. It convinces them that they are not only important to their immediate family but an immense treasure to their future wives and children. 

Father to Son guides young men through their present circumstances while encouraging them to build a better future for their families. The ultimate goal is to entreat sons to live with their legacy in mind. They must realize that their decisions will have a profound impact on their children and grand-children. This guiding principle is one that the book uses to cause a significant shift in the fatherless male culture. Of equal importance, the book discusses circumstances that sons should avoid and gives thoughtful guidance on how to navigate around trouble.

This book will be a treasure-trove for every season of a man’s life and valuable to pass on to the next generation. This is a life-changing book for boys and young men who have a sketchy relationship with their fathers. 

About the Author

Eric lives in DeSoto, Texas where he worked as a counselor for suicide and crisis hotlines and served 25 years in church work. He is committed to enhancing the lives of those on their journey to manhood and men who had a poor relationship with their fathers. Eric is also a jazz musician who toured with Wayman Tisdale, Tom Braxton, and worked with other artists such as Kirk Whalum, Eric Darius and Peter White.


Father to Son started as a journal written through Eric’s desire to improve his son’s understanding. The words are deeply personal and everyone who reads it will realize its value. Because Eric was a single father for several years, it heightened his devotion to the task of parenting and increased his awareness of the challenges that sons face in every season of their development. 

His other works include:

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