TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA – 12-13-2018 (PRDistribution.com) — In a quest to get around Moore’s Law, an international PhD student has discovered a new computer technology that has many applications in medical devices. It makes it possible to cure diabetes in a very convenient way. “Diabetic patients can eat whatever they want, whenever they want, without any limitations. They will live pretty much a normal life,” the inventor says.

This technology is the next step in computer hardware technologies. It uses piezoelectric materials instead of semiconductors. For many years, scientists knew there was such a possibility, but nobody knew how it could be harnessed. The main advantage is that energy consumption is more than a billion times smaller than the current semiconductor-based technology. Consequently, computer devices will never heat up. The energy consumption is so low that it can be harvested from the environment.

In the medical applications, the energy can be harvested from body motions. The device may have a tiny internal battery to recharge during daytime of high activity and use it during sleep. The necessary energy can be harvested during sleep as well because the body is not completely still. Since the device does not need any external source of energy, it can be implanted inside the body, and it would function for many years and do its task. 

The memory built based on this technology is called PzRAM, as it uses piezoelectric phenomena for its function. PzRAM is fast, nonvolatile, and is not affected by external magnetic or electric fields. The read and write are done by voltage pulses, and the passing current is almost zero. The endurance of the memory is very long; it can function continuously for tens of years. The closest existing technology is FRAM technology[1], which uses a piezoelectric ceramic called PZT for memory storage, but through a different process. 

The technology is perfect for medical devices, and it will revolutionize the medical industry. Currently, there is a good progress in developing devices to help diabetic patients, such as continuous glucose monitoring devices and insulin pumps, etc. This technology will create the ultimate device for diabetes. Diabetic patients will experience a healthy life and will have total freedom again. 


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[1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eK9jnsBPWpY

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