PEORIA, IL – 01-22-2019 ( — A startup from Peoria, Illinois named Stumari has released its first offering after selling a prototype to a regional airport to promote their flights. The company, founded by a local business attorney, refactored its initial offering into something it has branded – the Lead Generator.  


The Lead Generator is an entirely digital product that relentlessly gathers data about new customers and what they are looking for in a similar business.


The Lead Generator is comprised of:

  • Super fast loading landing page making the offer
  • Form to get relevant information
  • Small video ad that pitches an offer
  • Digital banners to target relevant prospects
  • Thank you page with back end call to action
  • Digital Ad configurations to enable AI delivery of offer
  • Rules Template for sweepstakes.


The company is giving away one of them with a prize package worth $2,087 dollars in value to one lucky business that is looking for more customers.  The contest idea is from Stumari’s Director of Marketing, Jenny Johnson.  “She’s really opened the market up for my software background,” says founder, Thomas Howard, a local attorney that develops web sites and apps.


The founder of the company believes its name, Georgian for the word ‘guest,’ is the ultimate startup name – for vague and mysterious reasons that he insisted would make sense after people heard its backstory, which they get when entering the sweepstakes for the Lead Generator.


Mr. Howard continued to tout the benefits of the Lead Generator by sweetening the deal with some pro bono legal services.  “Sweepstakes or giveaways are a great way to attract new business, but they need to comply with the law – so I donated three hours of my time to make our Lead Generator’s template for its rules to add more value to the winner.”


The contest runs from January 22, and February 18, 2019. You can see the Lead Generator in action as Stumari is using one to conduct the giveaway itself – which may make it the most meta marketing event of the year. 


Your business can enter to win their own Lead Generator at:


About Stumari


Founded in 2015, Stumari never built any code to comply with a Google search algorithm until 2018. It takes its principles from ancient party culture in the Caucasus Mountains in the Republic of Georgia. It works entirely in digital to build marketing and software solutions that perform well enough to live up to the name, Stumari.  For more visit  For contact email [email protected]


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