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A new generation medical-grade LED-based PBT device by LightMD® was featured at Pain Medicine Conference in San Francisco. International pioneers in pain management therapy and physical medicine technology were also featured speakers at the conference which took place on October 19th and 20th, 2017.

Richard K Williams, prolific inventor, serial entrepreneur, CEO, and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Applied BioPhotonics Ltd. (ABP) – developer and manufacturer of the LightMD® system – spoke on innovation and technology advances empowering LightMD’s newest generation medical device for photobiomodulation therapy (PBT).  Dr. Joseph Leahy, DC, San Francisco 49’ers team chiropractor, and an Olympic team doctor, presented a pioneering approach to the treatment of traumatic brain injury (TBI) using LightMD’s PBT device. In his talk, Dr. Leahy introduced a new class of EEG-based brain biometrics (the LCI concussive index) comprising the novel application of non-linear mathematical analytics to monitor the brain’s organized synaptic activity. Using LCI benchmarking, post concussion cognitive recovery is measured and correlated to PBT treatment time.

The collaborative culmination of nearly two decades of research, clinical application, and development between LightMD and ABP, the medical-grade device represents a significant breakthrough in photobiomodulation therapy. PBT – the photobiomodulation of mitochondrial CCO, suppresses pain through a cascade of photochemical and photobiological mechanisms including beneficially generating ATP (increasing cellular metabolic activity); releasing nitric oxide NO (stimulating vasodilation and tissue oxygenation), accelerating the inflammatory healing process, and concurrently removing scar tissue (ameliorating nerve entrapment).

The FDA approved medical-grade biophotonic system employs patented 3D-bendable LightPads to safely and efficiently deliver visible and infrared LED light into treated tissue, snugly fitting to the body’s contours to minimize optical refraction and maximize energy coupling and therapeutic efficacy. The patented photonic system controls over one thousand LEDs employing programmable current control (to deliver uniform brightness over a treatment area of up to 1,200 cm2) while offering users graphical UI adjustable algorithmic sequencing of LED pulse frequency and spectral wavelength for controlling optical penetration depth and tissue specificity. As a Class II device, the system is rated IEC photobiologically safe by independent lab testing. Unlike many lasers, it does not require safety glasses.

Ongoing research in pain management indicates LED PBT generally outperforms laser (LLLT) therapy for a variety of reasons, including providing a per session treatment area 300 times that of a laser probe (e.g. the ability to treat an entire muscle at one time) and by offering stimulation of the action spectra of CCO one hundred times more broadly than a laser. LightMD’s mission is to leverage its research and clinical experience in PBT to advance the most efficacious non-invasive methods in biophotonics to suppress pain without the need for opioids and other dangerous pharmacological agents.

Global Interdisciplinary Team – In order to achieve these advances, LightMD and ABP collaboratively assembled a global team in biotechnology comprising highly skilled experts in their respective fields (medicine, physiology, molecular biology, cytology, engineering, photonics, manufacturing, programming, UI/UX design, etc.). Working with physicians, chiropractors, veterinarians, physical therapists, and trainers from the USA, Taiwan, China, Dubai and the UAE, pain management protocols were refined with extensive case studies focused on maximizing treatment efficacy and minimizing patient recovery time.  This skilled, eclectic team of professionals was able to bring its collaborative efforts in biotechnology to fruition in LightMD’s new PBT solution.

FDA Approved – As a professional medical-grade solution, LightMD’s PBT system (co-developed with ABP) was FDA approved in 2015 and subsequently passed a full one-week on-site FDA audit in 2016. It is also FDA certified in Taiwan, Dubai, and across the United Arab Emirates (UAE), with other countries expected to approve the technology soon. In addition to global medical, safety, and good manufacturing practices (GMP) certification of the device, it is also approved for compliance with FCC electromagnetic interference regulations (low EMI). Its design intellectual property is protected by numerous claims granted to Applied BioPhotonics Ltd. by the United States Patent & Trademark Office (US PTO) with numerous foreign counterparts pending.

Of particular importance to pain management specialists, the device represents the first fully programmable PBT system to achieve FDA-approval offering over 75 different pre-programmed treatments, as well as supporting a custom (user programmable) mode. These treatments, when administered in sequence, are capable of realizing virtually an unlimited number of therapeutic protocols for pain management, giving a physician or therapist unparalleled therapeutic flexibility. To date, the device received approval for a broad range of indicated uses in the US including the purpose of elevating tissue temperature for the temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain related to arthritis, sprains, strains, and muscle spasms; for relieving back, neck and shoulder pain as well as stiffness, and for promoting the relaxation of muscle tissue and temporally increasing local blood circulation where applied.

Research (and other physician-prescribed off-label applications) includes case studies for TBI/concussion treatment, clinical trials for accelerated wound healing, and activation of stem cell injections for knee and joint pain.


Rachel Huveldt, CEO
EMR Consulting Solutions Inc., a LightMD® Partner

Pain Medicine Conference
October 19 & 20, 2017
San Francisco, CA
[email protected]

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