CAMDEN, NJ – 08-21-2018 (Press Release Jet) — A recently published paper in the International Journal of Dentistry and Oral Health titled “From Surgical Suite to Fresh Breath: The History of Listerine” chronicles the fascinating history of this common household health product. Medical historian Dr. Leonard Vernon goes into great detail about a product that bares the name of one of medicines pioneers in the field of sterile surgical practice, Dr. Joseph Lister. 

Lister who received no monetary compensation for the use of his name on the product may have even been opposed to his name being attached to the product. While the product was originally sold by prescription only  to dentists, it would, through the marketing genius of Gerard Lambert of the now Warner-Lambert Pharmaceutical company become available to the general public. Lambert was able to convince the world that they were in fact suffering from a disease that they never even knew they had, “Halitosis” or bad breath and he had the cure. His marketing of the product would cause it to become a household name.

The paper makes for fascinating reading for those interested in the history of medicine as well as for physicians and dentists, and for  those who study marketing and the pharmaceutical industry.

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