NEW YORK – 10-29-2018 ( — This morning! This Morning a car drove through Trump Tower, Having people race out of the Way.   would you race to the Internet, Iphones, news papers, Yes.   and Crazy Bull Fighter or “The Matadors” to Blame……      You have to read, you to see…  

 When you hear New York City is under attack, We have to say not again.  Not again…  But this happened.   New Yorkers are born fighters and resilient for having heart.     New York when attacked will knock off the dust and rebuilds even better.   Nobody should attack New York.  This is our beloved city.   One of the  Internet big Viral sensations search ” Car drives through Trump Tower George Pan Andreas, Train derailing New York, and all of this just happened, but The President Donald Trump is low key, and the City of New York rebuilds immediately with Construction Companies on call as if this never happened.   No you can’t knock greatness.   Well In one of the Expected big Movies   “The Matadors”    The Matadors attacks  New York.   let me explain…  American Film Markets, One of the Biggest Film Releases, would be “The Matadors” by George Pan Andreas it does it all.  The world we live in    George Pan Andreas Film maker  said his film went Viral from just showing clips of Trump tower exploding, And Trains flipping in New York….  The mere words Trump has big impact, The Biggest.  Politics Politics Politics.   Wow we want Trump in Pontius    But Hate is big money.   George Pan Andreas said that unfortunately  The people Love and hate drives seats, Some of everyone will want to see either for or against….   And that with the fact of the All Star Cast, of who’s who, And Image Actors from Westworld,  To the worlds Top Matador  El Pana (filling seats of 50,000  per day.)  Image Actors  who working with Beyonce, Rihanna from the very videos we watch.    We the whole west coast is a buzz…   With the Motion Pictures   “The Matadors“.  1 Million hits from Trump tower explodes,  “The Matadors”   George Pan Andreas,   look its a scary time with Celebrities of Note being under Attack  (Robert Dinero, Donald Trump, George Pan Andreas,) So we do need parody and action to take our minds off of the Drama…. again. We think we will find that in the Movie Theatres with the release of  “The Matadors”.This morning This Morning a car drove through Trump Tower, would you race to the Internet, Iphones, news papers, Yes.  Thanks AFM  (American Film Market), Thank you GPA Films intl.   And Just think all this viral business is because of a Movie “The Matadors” .   I think maybe we need to slow down….. (I know this will be a box office hit, just because.)

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