FLORIDA – 10-20-2018 (PRDistribution.com) — Category four Hurricane “Michael” made landfall as the strongest storm of the season in Florida on 10 October. As it moved inland, the storm weakened to a tropical storm, causing serious damage to the UnitedStates.As of the 11th,” Michael” least seven deaths had been attributed to Michael. Thousands of homes have been destroyed, and the extensive power outages over the region cut off the power of about 1.1 million homes and businesses.

“Michael” is the third most intense hurricane to strike the United States.Michael attained peak winds of 250 kilometers per hour becoming the first to do so in the region as a Category 4hurricane. Among the various states, Florida suffered the worst of Michael, while Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia was affected by varying degrees. 

Federal officials reported that it was the strongest tropical cyclone to strike the United States since 1992. As of 1:10 pm EST, Hurricane Michael landed in Panama City, with a maximum wind speed of 155 miles per hour causing waves of up to 14 feet. Brock Long, Director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency said: “This should be the biggest hurricane that this region has encountered since 1851.”
Although Florida has issued a mandatory evacuation order since yesterday, there are still some residents who did not manage to evacuate in time.
The CEO of NightShade Studios would pledge US$200,000 to the Red Cross in support of the relief efforts to help the victims of Hurricane Michael.

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