PRAGUE – 08-30-2018 (Press Release Jet) — The diamond business has remained the most closed and inaccessible for a long time. However, now investors now have the opportunity to enter this business. The entry point is practically irrelevant

The opportunity to invest in the diamond business appeared with creation of Reger Diamond Security token – ICO project of the company manufacturing diamonds and brilliants. The company has been on the market since 2009, when a diamond processing plant was launched in Luxembourg, with a capacity of 30 000 carats per year. To increase the capacity and reach new markets in January 2018 in the Czech Republic the company was established planning to produce diamonds and jewelry and take them to the mass market. The new project team consists mainly of participants from the previous business. The company ambitions are impressive! It is planned to build a factory, purchase high-precision modern equipment, and the first batch of products according to the business plan is planned to be produced in the end of 2018. For this the company came out on ICO.Financial results of the project can attract the attention of any investor. The initial investment in the project for 3 years will amount to $21 million. The project will be implemented at the expense of borrowed funds by means of exit to ICO. Sales revenue for the first three years will be more than $637 million. Net profit is over $265 million. The project profitability for 3 years is 53.2%, which will justify the company ambitions.And there are some more indicators of the project success. The internal rate of return IRR 625% is very high and attractive for investors. The discounted payback period is – 4.5 months, and it emphasizes the fast payback. The profitability index is 12.3, so many times the net income exceeds the investment in the project!All these indicators prove success of the coin developed by the company and its huge prospects for the cryptocurrency exchange. Investors, realizing it, already make significant investments and at the presale stage 1 million tokens were sold out in 3 weeks instead of the planned month. In order to become a diamond investor, you need to register your personal account on the website, sign a smart contract and deposit money to the account, which after the data processing will be exchanged for coins at the rate of 1RDS token = 1 USD. According to the smart contract, each investor receives a guaranteed income of up to 20% per annum. In addition, the coins are provided by real assets of the company – diamonds and brilliants, and at any time they can be exchanged at par value of 1 USD. But the most interesting is in the future – after the release of Reger Diamond Security token on the cryptocurrency exchange, its rate will start growing, and investors will be able to sell coins at a substantially higher cost.Reger Diemond Security token – is the only breakeven coin. It’s time to act! It’s time to become diamond investors!

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