ORLANDO, FL – 08-24-2018 (Press Release Jet) — Of Our Labor is proud to announce the Impel Travel Duffel Bag which takes the duffel bag to the next level. We are adiverse group of people living our lives on the go and the Impel is the perfect travel companion. Unlike duffel bags of old, this one gives you the freedom to customize the look and function with interchangeable “panels” which are offered in different colors and configurations. The Impel Travel Duffel Bag was launched on Kickstarter and is hoping to raise $10,000.00 in funding to bring this truly unique duffel bag to market. 

For centuries, the duffel bag was synonymous with drab, boring and generic. The designers at Of Our Labor have always loved the silhouette of the traditional duffel bag but it was obvious to them that the duffel’s look was in need of a makeover. They approached the task aiming to breathe some personality into the duffel bag and also make the bag more practical. 
Their creative minds came up with a simple system of zippered panels attached to the shell of a duffel bag. The panels are zippered pockets that are manufactured in different colors, pocket setups and come with options for added functionality such as MOLLE webbing and velcro. Featuring 4 panels that can be changed out, 3 pocket panels and the main compartment opening panel, you can give your duffel bag an entirely new style in seconds.
Another issue with the traditional duffel bag is the fact most can only be carried in one hand. It wouldn’t be uncommon seeing duffel users switching hands frequently as they wait in line at the airport or having to set it down after some minutes. Hidden away in the bottom compartment of the Impel are leather backpack straps ready to give your hands a break!
The Impel Travel Duffel Bag features:

  • A Waterproof Nylon Shell 
  • Metal Zippers All Around 
  • Interchangeable Panels Available in Many Different Colors 
  • Hidden, Comfortable Leather Backpack Straps 
  • Metal Hardware 
  • Leather Handles and Zipper Tabs 
  • Size to Fit in Carry-On Storage

Visit Of Our Labor’s Kickstarter page for their Impel Travel Duffel Bag and order today: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ofourlabor/impel-the-duffel-bag-evolved

Media Contacts:

Company Name: Of Our Labor
Full Name: Marc Pamatian
Phone: 4079704319
Email Address: Send Email
Website: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ofourlabor/impel-the-duffel-bag-evolved

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