Appetivo is a digital food ordering platform that geo locates home cooks for customers in their area.

LOS ANGELES CA – 09-24-2018 ( — Appetivo launched today to enable an unprecedented food gig economy in California.  Much like the earliest days of airbnb, ebay, and ride sharing services, Appetivo offers everyday people a gig opportunity.  With sign up to its website and progressive mobile app  “kitchens” created by home cooks can offer their menus and accept payments from soon to be hungry customers in their location.  Appetivo is facilitated by the recent passage of California AB 626 signed into law enabling the legal creation and permitting of micro enterprise home kitchens.

“Our first order of business is to help home cooks legally and efficiently set up kitchens that will require permits based on the new law” said Steven Voci, co-founder of the Company.

Home cooks and hungry consumers can access via a web or mobile browser by simply typing in the name. Native apps for IOS and Android are planned for release later in Q4 for January when the California law facilitates legal home food permitting and sales.  To date, Appetivo has been successfully running its business in Latin America where home prepared food regulations are more lenient and home prepared “food for sale” is more commonplace vs the United States.

“This is the very beginning of a much better gig opportunity for everyday people,” said Voci.  “What’s great, is you don’t have to put your car or your home at risk like ridesharing and home sharing gigs – you can take your passion of cooking and safely make money from the convenience of your own home,” he added.

The trends of eating in, digital platforms facilitating food ordering, delivery and the need for gig income opportunities are the drivers for Appetivo’s launch.

“We’ve been closely tracking the law and are in contact with key government officials who are passionate about the home food movement,”  said Voci, an Italian American self proclaimed home cook whose family kitchen experiences shaped his love of food.

“There’s nothing like a home cooked meal…and I plan to offer my own Italian homespun food with my Appetivo Kitchen.” he said.

About Open Kitchen LLC & Appetivo 

Appetivo was founded and created by André J. Cook under Open Kitchen LLC. A passionate food and tech entrepreneur from South Africa living in the US for the past 24 years. The impetus for founding the enterprise is largely related to Andre’s inherent love for South African food that is not always easy to find in the USA. As a part time home cook, like Steven, many of his friends joked over the years about how he should consider selling his own incredible beef rib stew to SA friends in the LA area.

Now, a few years later while patiently waiting for laws, technology and trust systems to catch up, that time is finally here. A whole new way for everyone who love to cook, to sell their awesome kitchen creations to anyone from home:

André and cofounder Steven have built several digital businesses together with a focus on e-commerce and digital marketing. [email protected]

Open Kitchen LLC is operating in the United States and Latin America.  
Contact: Steven Voci stev[email protected]

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