TORONTO – 11-14-2018 ( — The web development company based in Toronto revealed its ambitious plan to grow from a regional presence into an international player. 

OPTASY has made public their sustained efforts to grow from a key player in the regional web development market into an international one. That being said, the Toronto-based company firmly expressed its intention to extend its market coverage to other top markets in Canada Vancouver, Montreal and the United States, as well New York.

OPTASY has grown kind of organically, we might say: slowly, but steadily. From a purely Drupal web development agency in 2005, to a team of experts in building custom Drupal modules, themes, and Drupal e-commerce solutions, to a company with in-house expertise in a wide range of web technologies Magento, Laravel, WordPress to a mobile app development company. One with an “appetite” for innovation and emerging technologies. We know now that we’ve reached the right level of experience needed to… go national and beyond; to reach the main markets in the USA, as well,” said Adrian Ababei, CTO, OPTASY.

New Perspectives

For now, the Canadian company’s plan to extend its market coverage nationwide includes 2 major target markets: Vancouver and Montreal. In this respect, it’s with their professional Drupal, WordPress, Laravel, and iOS development services that they plan to conquer these specific markets.

As for the team’s objective to enter markets outside of Canada, New York is on top of their “battle plan”.


Born in 2005, in Toronto, Canada, as a small agency providing Drupal website development services exclusively, OPTASY evolved into a custom Drupal and web development company.

Next, it grew into a full-service software provider and more recently into a mobile app development team “drawn” by the digital innovation scene.

After having custom-built web solutions for multiple notorious clients in Canada, and having gained recognition as a leading web development company in the country, OPTASY’s simply following its trajectory of progress.

It “sticks” to its clear goal: to step on the national stage and enter the USA’s top web development markets, as well.

“We don’t rush things. We let them grow, “watering” them with hard work and honest passion for what we do as web and mobile developers.” Adrian Ababei added.

“Looking back now, to those days when we were doing just one thing and we were striving to do it exceptionally well building Drupal websites and seeing what we’ve accomplished and the perspectives ahead of us, we can’t but say that: we did manage to build a rock-solid foundation as a web & mobile app development company. Now it’s time to grow, to extend our service area beyond Toronto’s boundaries.”

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