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Parallel HR is proud to announce the success of its service-minded take on Paid Time Off (PTO). This program has been in place for two years with positive results for employees and the surrounding community.

Each Parallel HR employee is allotted 8 hours out of the year to volunteer during the workweek. Their volunteer experience will be paid and documented with Parallel HR’s human resource department. Ideally, this will be organized in groups of 2-3 people volunteering for 4 hours a day, twice a year. These hours are separate from any company-wide volunteer days.

Parallel HR believes in giving back to the community while instilling a sense of pride in our employees by encouraging them to help out the less fortunate. Volunteering improves the whole community. There is a growing trend of companies offering PTO, but according to studies reported in Forbes, “those who volunteer their time feel like they have more of it.” This might be due to the sense of pride instilled by doing charitable work.

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