SEATTLE, WASHINGTON – 11-05-2017 (Press Release Jet) —

  • Who: Bing Bing (thabingbing)
  • What: Debut Live Performance
  • When: Friday November 10th, 2017
  • Where: Washington Hall (Seattle, WA) FREE + ALL AGES
  • Why: To meet Seattle Artists and Learn Local Hip Hop history

Born and raised in foster care, Michael “Bing Bing” Taylor continues to raise the bar for himself. On his everlasting mission to make a difference, the artist they know as Bing Bing is reaching out to the Pacific Northwest as he prepares for his debut hip hop performance LIVE at the Historical Washington Hall in Seattle, WA on Friday November 10th. 

Bing Bing released the first single “Regardless” featuring Seattle Hip Hop Legend Suntonio Bandanaz on his upcoming project “Beautiful Struggle 2 :: Open Wounds” due out some time in the first quarter of 2018. Bing Bing is releasing the 2nd single on Thanksgiving Day 2017. You can listen & download Bing Bing’s full discography for free at 

Bing Bing performing in Seattle, WA is a big deal because there is more that comes with him than just another musical act. Through his alter ego “Mistah Wilson”, he uses ThaWilsonBlock Magazine and WilsonBlock100 Radio to advocate for local independent artists just like him. Mistah Wilson networks with artists and helps them share their story through exclusive interviews. It’s all free of charge, but you can show your support by buying digital copies of ThaWilsonBlock Magazine at 

Fresh off a broken heart, Bing Bing is using his new music to turn negative situations into positive outcomes. And for a kid who accepts responsibility for his own influence, what he has to say must be worth hearing. 

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Media Contacts:

Company Name: ThaWilsonBlock Magazine
Full Name: Mistah Wilson
Phone: (206) 409-3117
Email Address: Send Email

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