Austin, TX, September 22, 2017 —- Petrallure, an online jewelry store specializing in high quality semi-precious and natural stone pieces, will participate in the upcoming Tribeza Style Week14. This yearly event showcases all things style including art, food, design and fashion. Petrallure will have a pop-up shop on Thursday, September 28, 2017, starting at 6pm in the VIP section prior to the fashion show, which begins at 8pm.

Open less than a year, Petrallure has already caught the attention of British Vogue Magazine having been featured in their August, September and October issues. “It seems fitting for our first publication to be in the fashion bible of magazines. We see jewelry and accessorizing as a form of art. It’s an artistic reflection of one’s inner beauty and personal creativity and we want to provide our customers with unique and high quality pieces to confidently develop their look,” said Kristin Fontoura, co-founder of Petrallure.

Petrallure’s slogan “a confident touch” is also the brand’s guiding principle. They want their customers to feel confident in who they are and how they present themselves as well as confident that the pieces they have thoughtfully selected will be long lasting. While Petrallure’s focus is on timeless natural stone pieces, there is something for everyone at all price points.

You can also visit Petrallure at the San Antonio Ultimate Women’s Expo Saturday and Sunday, September 30 – October 1, 2017.

About Petrallure

Petrallure was born out of passion for natural beauty and quality. All their pieces are made in Brazil and specially curated to offer a most unique selection. Just as two stones cut from the same piece are individually unique, they want their customers to feel confident that what they have invested in and purposefully chosen will be unique to them. Adding a confident touch to your look has never been so rewarding.

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