United States, Arizona, Phoenix – 05-01-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — In 2015, Bradley Miller, Founder of Speedteq, a motorsports development engineering group initially set out to develop a less-corrosive performance (racing) water based coolant has come up with his newest creation, Safe Anti-Freeze Coolant. It was in doing some preliminary research on the subject that he made a discovery about his production passenger car & truck antifreeze that stopped him in his tracks.


The fact that ethylene glycol (EG), the active (and primary) ingredient in 98% of the world’s antifreeze and other coolants products, is deadly to both people and animals. It causes tens of thousands of poisonings each year*. What caught Miller’s attention was the fact that a solution to the problem or its alternative Propylene Glycol (PG) has been FDA approved for decades in food products, health & beauty aids, cosmetics etc. This material has been there all along and used in the food mfg. industry itself for the majority of their antifreeze & coolant requirements. So why isn’t every production vehicle using these safer products?


“The antifreeze industry has only in recent years added bittering agents after many state & federal laws have been written to find a solution to prevent animals and children from drinking the naturally sweet flavored ethylene glycol (EG) based antifreeze products. Also, “The bittering agents don’t appear to work or at least that’s the position of record stated from the ASPCA on their website which is also a surprise”. **


“While working on this huge problem is a step in the right direction, these bittering agents add more toxicity and appear to be just as toxic as Ethylene Glycol itself from the data I read. I simply feel it’s time to go another direction completely”.


Developing a new industry standard needed

Miller’s research told the story of nearly a century’s worth of ethylene glycol (EG) poisoning horror stories. And for the last 50+ years, Miller asserts, have been completely avoidable if we look at other alternatives.


Once he realized it was more than possible to create a truly non-toxic antifreeze, Miller shifted gears and got to work. Now nearly 4 years later, SAFE Antifreeze™ is ready for the bottling line.


Today, Miller is launching a 30-day Kickstarter campaign with the goal of raising the final $60k he needs to get the product packaged and in consumers hands.


“People can order SAFE Antifreeze right on the Kickstarter page at <tinyurl.com/y5vkeo6d>,” says Miller. “As soon as we hit that $60k minimum & complete the Kickstarter (30) day process, our bottler will start getting the product out our warehouse. The first orders will ship in approximately three to four weeks.” After that initial run, consumers will be able to buy SAFE directly through SafeAntifreeze.com & on a new Amazon store (Miller wants to sell direct to consumers to keep the cost as low as possible.)


Environmentally friendly—and ethical

Safety isn’t Miller’s only concern. He chose his bottler & packaging vendor deliberately, citing the company’s reputation as one of the most responsible and ethical chemical packaging companies with locations throughout the world.


A second formulation of SAFE has already been tested & approved. This version, developed for the larger Class-8 truck and heavy-equipment diesel engines fleets, we hope will go into production in about 45-60 days. “Change takes inspiration, effort and means, and we just need a little help with the means,” he says.


“More than ever before, people want safer products for their families. They care about their children, pets, livestock, wildlife, and the impact we all have on the planet.


“SAFE Antifreeze is just the first in what I ultimately envision as a full range of products developed to meet the environmental challenges we now face. And everyone wants to change the world, right?”


About Safe Antifreeze

SAFE Antifreeze will strive to be world’s safest nontoxic antifreeze | coolant. It’s developed with non-toxic and biodegradable ingredients with no ethylene glycol. Designed to be child-safe, pet-safe and wildlife-safe, SAFE features GRAS (“generally recognized as safe”) FDA-grade propylene glycol (PG) and proprietary non-toxic inhibitors for long life. Fully tested, proven-reliable SAFE meets and exceeds all ASTM standards for domestic, import passenger car, SUV, light-, heavy-duty gasoline truck, and diesel engines. 


*Humane Society of the United States. This is a minimum-number estimate from 2011. ** www.aspca.com


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