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World’s leading asset management group, Phoenix Wealth Management (PWN) was founded in Canberra, Australia in 2018. The company serves individuals and institutional investors and is now currently providing a comprehensive range of services to its clients. The fund managers of the company are located all around the world and are able to provide every client with investment strategies in various asset classes in a timely manner. Since the establishment of PWN 10 years ago, the total assets managed by the client have reached USD$ 9 billion. In 2017, the group’s profit has also exceeded USD$2 billion. The company’s amazing profitability has attracted the attention of global investors. Mr. Joel Harlin, Chief Investment Officer of Phoenix Wealth Management, said that the company is an international professional investment institution responsible for asset management. With the support of global investment management support, experienced fund managers, and a strong research lineup and a strong global information network, the professional background and capabilities are well-received by all parties.

Mr. Joel Harling mentioned that there are two key niche points for Phoenix Wealth Management currently:Phoenix Wealth Management encountered a global financial crisis in the first year of the establishment. On 15 September 2008, Lehman Brothers, a well-known US investment bank, filed for bankruptcy. The subprime mortgage crisis evolved into a global financial crisis, causing investors to panic. However, Phoenix Wealth Management has a different view in facing the crisis. We see that it is a good time to buy in the dipping stocks of large companies during the recession, buy in a large quantity of high-quality stocks, and invest in high potential US companies. Although the financial crisis has brought short-term suffering to enterprises, in the long run, the value of potential US companies will still continue to grow. The economic recovery plan formulated by the United States in the coming year will also bring considerable benefits to the investments of Phoenix WealthManagement. The second niche is to raise Phoenix WealthManagement’s investment in precious metals trades. Over the past decade, the price of silver has risen steadily, and the demand for physical and other forms of silver investment has risen steadily. In particular, non-physical silver investment, as well as the demand for silver, has increased in multi-folds in the past two years. Since 2010, Phoenix Wealth Management has planned a series of investment plans for precious metals such as silver and gold. Although precious metals investment only accounts for a part of the total investment of our company, due to the precise investment vision and appropriate strategy, the investment income in precious metal has been amazing in just a few years, and it has won the recognition and praise of most customers.

Phoenix Wealth Management has mastered five major investment principles to bring the greatest benefits to the clients of the company: 1.     Highly-manageable investment methods to ensure the safety of customer’s investments. 2.      Beyond the traditional asset model, configure alternative investment with liquidity.3.      Multi-asset investment strategy to obtain the best investment results, 4.      Be far-sighted to assist emerging markets and achieve diversification of investment 5.      Stable and sustainable investment, and concluding sustainable income Mr. Joel Harlinmentioned that at the end of 2018, Phoenix Wealth Management will officially enter the Asia-Pacific market, and while maximizing the income for retail investors, despite the aggressiveness that is within the region, Mr. Joel Harlin believes that Phoenix Wealth Management will be well received by investors. PhoenixWealth Management also hopes to bring benefits to the entire society through investment and creates safer investment options for its client.

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