India, Assam, Guwahati – 07-09-2019 ( — The Indiegogo crowd funding campaign for the first Music Fiction festival, Planet Omtrox begins. This is one of those rare and unique campaigns that the people eagerly wait for. It is by far the most ambitious global crowd funding project that has emerged from India. CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE CAMPAIGN

With so many festivals around the world failing to become meaningful social gatherings, Planet Omtrox rises to become the complete festival and the most substantial social gathering. The revolutionary new breed of festival which is powered by a dedicated cinematic universe. An endeavor to deliver the best of music, live theatrics, alternative arts and conscious awakening experiments under one venue. 

We created the Omtrox Cinematic Universe which serves as the backbone of the festival, producing the installations, set designs and the live theatrics. Planet Omtrox Establishes the three pillars of Social Gathering known as the Omtrox Trinity with motive to create a Neo-Collectivism where ethos of individuality are not shunned but shared with each other. 

We want humans to socialize in real life to save itself from an impending mass solitude. Planet Omtrox lays foundation to The Rising Omega, one of the biggest community of universally conscious humans. We are on the mission to liberate humanity through artistic and musical expressions and making way for the golden dream of Social Utopia.

CLICK HERE TO GO THE CAMPAIGN PAGE ON INDIEGOGO we are a creative team hailing from the beautiful city of Guwahati, India. We have put three years of research and hard work in designing the grandest event of all time, Planet Omtrox. Our motive is to reinvent mass entertainment in a way that has never been seen before. 

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