Sarasota, FL — (PRESS RELEASE JET) — 09/26/2017 — Global Polycarbonate Resin Market: Overview

Polycarbonate resins are derived from bisphenol A and phosgene; they are thermoplastic in nature. They hold several properties such as high strength, ductility, and they are amorphous in nature. These resins are manufactured by using condensation process of phosgene and bisphenol A. Polycarbonate resins application has been used across various industries such as films, roofing, electrical, medical, electronics, and automotive. Blu-Ray discs and automotive industry broadly use polycarbonate resins. Polycarbonate resins hold high-temperature resistance, transparency, and toughness, which is suitable for transparent applications where safety is a priority.

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Global Polycarbonate Resin Market: Growth Factors

Growth and development in the automotive and electronics industries are expected to drive the polycarbonate resin market growth in future. Growing consumption of the plastics and environment-friendly products will motivate the global polycarbonate resin market. They possess superior physical properties, optical characteristics, and recyclability that provide a competitive edge over the traditional materials such as PET, metal, PE, and PVC. The applications of polycarbonate resin have spread across various end-use industries which include medical equipment, automotive, building & construction, electronics, and optical media. Increasing demand for the electronic products and manufacturing optical discs is projected to propel the market growth. Innovations that are made in the medical equipment and automotive glazing technology will further boost the polycarbonate resin market in the coming years. However, increasing uses of the carcinogenic residues and bisphenol A, huge initial investments, difficulty in developing an effective marketing network, and access to licenses may create challenges before the market. In addition, rising threat of the substitutes such as polystyrene, polypropylene, and co-polyesters are negatively influencing the polycarbonate resin market growth.

Global Polycarbonate Resin Market: Segmentation

The global polycarbonate resin market is classified into its application and region. The application segment is fragmented into consumer, packaging, electrical & electronics, optical media, films, automotive, medical, and others. The region wise segmentation of the polycarbonate resin market is given as North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East & Africa.

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Global Polycarbonate Resin Market: Regional Analysis

Asia Pacific region dominates the global polycarbonate resin market owing to increasing demand from different developing countries, which is followed by Europe and the North America. Growth in this region is mainly due to the availability of raw materials, lack of stringent regulations, and low labor cost. Rapid industrialization and flourishing electronics & electrical industries in developing countries such as South East Asia, China, India, and Japan anticipate fostering the global polycarbonate resin market growth. North America shows a promising market due to widespread medical grade polycarbonate demand and automotive glazing. Expanding construction industry in the different region is adding benefit to the market growth.

Global Polycarbonate Resin Market: Competitive Players

Major market players that are operating in the global polycarbonate resin market are Trinseo S.A., Teijin Ltd., Bayer Material Science AG, Mitsubishi Engineering – Plastic Corporation, and SABIC Innovative Plastic.

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Global Polycarbonate Resin Market: Regional Segment Analysis

North America
Asia Pacific
Latin America
The Middle East and Africa

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