SAN MATEO, CA – 08-25-2018 (Press Release Jet) — Does the beautiful Isabel Rosario Cooper Finally Get Her Due?

My MacArthur by Cindy Fazzi is a poignant look back into pre-World War II history. It’s the 1930s and General Douglas MacArthur is the top man in the Philippines and falls in love with a young Filipinoactress and singer, Isabel Rosario Cooper. During their years together, MacArthur brings beautiful Isabel Cooper to the states. Hidden from the public as well as MacArthur’s domineering mother, Isabel remains a well-kept secret. He begins to bring Cooper out in the public and almost marries her, but the constant haranguing by Washington columnists Pearson and Allen makes the relationship dangerous to MacArthur’s career. The consequences become tragic.
Cindy Fazzi, a Filipino-American writer and former Associated Press reporter, has worked as a journalist in the Philippines, Taiwan, and the United States. My MacArthur is her literary debut. She has also written romance novels under the pen name Vina Arno. “I am delighted to see Isabel Rosario Cooper get the attention she deserves,” said Fazzi. “Being Filipino myself and a World War II buff, I know the importance of General MacArthur in our history. Cooper has been somehow lost in the shuffle.”
My MacArthur is a great May-December tale. Will the reader root for Cooper, and feel that via this book the lovely actress who gave up her career finally gets her due, or for General MacArthur, the war hero who was the champion of the Philippines and stayed loyal to his career? 
My MacArthur by Cindy Fazzi, published by award-winning Sand Hill Review Press will be released via Ingram on November 1, 2018286 pp$19.95 paperbackISBN: 978-1-937818-96-8$29.95 hardbackISBN: 978-1-937818-97-5Link to cover photo: www.SHRPress.comContact: Tory Hartmann   [email protected]

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