United States – 10-02-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — Statistics show Madamsew’s ultimate presser foot set has made the general sewing enthusiast embrace professional sewing tools.

 RIGHT up until they discovered the MadamSew 32 piece presser foot set, 82.5% of sewers stated they’d never used any other presser foot than the few standard ones that came with their sewing machine, making nearly every project or stitch harder than it should be.After using the presser foot set, 93.6% of presser foot set owners say they sew more accurately and with more confidence. Having a dedicated foot for the right task every single time, guided by in-depth descriptions and tutorials whenever required, and stored in an organized case, proved a watershed moment for sewers and quilters alike. Even sewers who DID own more presser feet before using the new presser foot set, had no idea how to identify or use them. Sewing machines often come with additional presser feet, but with little identifying information or information on how to best utilize the presser feet.  Only 2 years ago, brothers Mark and Richard Fiers set out with a goal to  make life easier for sewing enthusiasts so they could fully enjoy their hobby. Many months of research, development, and testing resulted in the Ultimate Presser Foot Set, which offers an affordable set of 32 professional, specialized presser feet at the price of a few bought separately.Fast-forward to today, where that goal appears to have been met earlier than expected, with over 50,000 sets purchased.  “It’s with great happiness and genuine excitement that we see the effect the MadamSew presser foot set has,” said Mark Fiers, co-founder and CEO of MadamSew. “When you hesitate trying new things but want to take a step towards a more confident, more accomplished sewing self, this new all-in-one set offers the boost you need in an organized, ready to use case.” This milestone comes on the back of an announcement by Threads magazine, one of the most widely published sewing magazines, confirming it selected the MadamSew Ultimate Presser Foot Set for their annual Gift Guide. MadamSew Ultimate Presser Foot Set details: 

  • Contains 32 of the most utilized presser feet.
  • Includes printed booklet with description of use for all the included presser feet, with matching numbers and images.
  • Comes with a DVD of video tutorials for all the presser feet included in the kit.
  • Durable storage case with numbered slots to snugly store and organize the presser feet.
  • MadamSew Presser Foot App offers all the written and video tutorials for tablet or phone use at the sewing machine. 

 Statistics used:Over the month of September, 41,320 buyers were asked if they had benefited from purchasing the MadamSew ultimate presser foot set.10983 responded. 98.7% said yes.Top 5 Reasons for choosing yes (several choices allowed):

  1. Sewing more accurately: 93.6%
  2. Sewing with more confidence: 91.2%
  3. Have more inspiration: 76.7%
  4. Sewing faster: 63.1%
  5. Increased status through showing fellow sewers and friends: 43%

Second question: How many presser feet do you own outside the ones that came with your sewing machine.

  1. None. 82.5%
  2. 1-3 specialized feet. 12.6%
  3. 4-6 specialized feet. 4.4%
  4. More than 6 specialized feet. 0.5%

 About MadamSewFounded in 2017, MadamSew is a sewing company developing sewing tools at affordable prices with extensive instructions to help home sewers enjoy their hobby more and sew with more confidence. The company began by offering online tutorials, community, and carefully crafted sewing tools at competitive prices, such as their signature 32 Piece Ultimate Presser Foot Set and accompanying handbook. It achieved $1.5 million in sales within its first 8 months, 2.5 million in sales in 2018, and continues to grow. MadamSew has an active social media presence with 57,000 likes and 61,000 followers on Facebook, 10,500 Facebook group members of which 6,500 daily active and 150,000 monthly engagements, 4.3 million monthly viewers on Pinterest and 12,800 followers, 15,400 followers on Instagram, 30,000 monthly views and 4,900 subscribers on Youtube. While the majority of sales (80%) are in the United States and fulfilled from North Carolina, 6% are to Canada, 5% UK, 9% rest of world. For further information, visit madamsew.com

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Full Name: Hjalmar Fiers
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Website: madamsew.com

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