PANAMA CITY, PANAMA – 12-01-2017 (Press Release Jet) — Prime-Ex Perpetual has completed their Initial Coin Offering, eclipsing 10,000,000 PEX-Tokens sold.The campaign that focused on global expats purchasing real estate in exotic locations was launched on November 1 and ran until November 30, 2017.

Prime-Ex Perpetual reports 10,091,353 tokens sold during the distribution campaign.The company plans to go into home-building mode for their proof of concept and break ground sometime in January. 

“We’re very thankful for the people that have placed their trust in us as we build something never attempted before.Our work begins immediately.We will work just as hard at building our proof of concept as we have spreading the word about our project while we fill out the unsold tokens by attracting institutional investors and private equity funds to round out the funding phase of our operation.” said John Gilbert, the Prime-Ex Perpetual CEO.

Reaching the business objectives will allow Prime-Ex Perpetual to implement its residential ecosystem and allow homeowners to experience home ownership in a new and exciting way.Prime-Ex Perpetual plans to scale up their branded real estate ecosystem once they’ve completed their proof of concept.

PEX-Tokens were sold at the Prime-Ex Perpetual website and will soon be freely tradable on the DEX Exchange.Distribution will occur this next week into Waves wallets of the buyers.The initial rate of one PEX-token was one US dollar ($1.00 USD). The distinct feature of Prime-Ex Perpetual ICO is that the PEX-Token owners are guaranteed to get 80% of the company’s audited net profitwhich will be distributed yearly.

About Prime-Ex Perpetual

The Prime-Ex Perpetual proof of concept will occur in the cool highlands and the warm beaches of the Republic of Panama, the top expat destination for home ownership and a place where financing homes is traditionally challenging for expats.  For more information, please visit

Contact: Max Smetannikov, Nona Perez, MVG, +1 646 205 7030, [email protected]

Media Contacts:

Company Name: MVG
Full Name: Max Smetannikov
Email Address: Send Email

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