Portland, OR — (PRESS RELEASE JET) — 09/29/2017 — Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is the third largest selling plastic commodity after polyethylene & polypropylene. It is beneficial over other materials owing to its chemical resistance, durability, low cost, recyclability, and others; thus, it can replace wood, metal, concrete, and clay in different applications. Piping and piping systems are a major application of PVC resin.

PVC Pipe Market report, published by Allied Market Research, is expected to reach $85,565 million by 2022, growing at a CAGR of 7.9% from 2016 to 2022. Unplasticized PVC pipe segment is expected to retain its dominant position, in terms of revenue generation, throughout the forecast period. China held the leading position in the global market in 2015, and is expected to maintain its lead in the future.

PVC pipe has applications in drain-waste-vent (DWV), sewers, water mains, water service lines, irrigation, conduit, and various industrial installations. This report focuses on global PVC pipe market by type, which includes chlorinated, unplasticized, and plasticized PVC pipes. Moreover, it analyzes the status of different type of materials used in the PVC pipe market such as PVC resin, stabilizers, plasticizers, lubricants, pigment base, and others. The report also focuses on the application industries of PVC pipes, including irrigation, water supply, sewerage, plumbing, oil & gas, HVAC, and others.

In the year 2015, sewer & drain was the largest application segment, in terms of revenue, with more than one-fourth share, followed by water supply & irrigation. Low cost, easy installation, and long lifecycle cost are factors that drive the demand for PVC pipes in sewer & drain application. In recent years, their demand has increased significantly owing to replacement of traditional metal pipes. Excellent physical properties of PVC pipes have increased their penetration in wide array of applications owing to their better performance than traditional piping systems.

Key Findings of the PVC Pipe Market:

– Asia-Pacific is expected to continue to lead the global PVC pipe market, growing at the highest CAGR of 8.3%, in terms of revenue, from 2016 to 2022.

– Sewer & drain occupied more than one-third share of the total market volume in 2015.

– In the year 2015, the unplasticized type pipe segment occupied around three-fifths share of the global market, in terms of revenue.

– China is the largest country in terms of demand and supply for PVC pipes.

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