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An Homage to Pop Culture Icons and Heroes
Exhibition opens at Saks Fifth Avenue, Brickell City Centre On view December 5 ­ 16, 2018 during Miami Art Week 2018

‘An Homage to Pop Culture Icons and Heroes’ marks the inaugural exhibition of photographer  and  artist,  Roberto  Rabanne’s  work  during  the  2018  Miami  Art  Week  at  Saks  Fifth  Avenue. Rabanne has captured candid moments with some of our most beloved pop culture  idols and disruptors, including Andy Warhol, The Beatles, Prince, Lady Gaga, Jimi Hendrix, Jim  Morrison, Amy Winehouse, Presidents Nelson Mandela and Barak Obama, Kate Moss, and  others.  

The  works  featured  spotlight  milestones  from    Rabanne’s  five­decade  career,  with  a collection of photographs, many never-seen-before and featuring embellished Objets d’art  complementing Saks Fifth Avenue’s art and fashion sensibilities. 
“Within  this  body  of  work,  I  am  exploring  a  central  theme  and  definition  of  our  modern  Apollonian and  Dionysian  pop  cultural  icons  in  the  21st  Century,” Rabanne notes. “I have  always  been fascinated  by  the  classic  Greco-Roman  Age, when self­actualized individuals  consciously  rose  above  all  others  to  lead,  inspire,  and  rebel.  They  provoked  positive  changes in the status quo, pushing their contemporaries out of their comfort zones and towards  a new understanding of the world.”  

Through his lens, Rabanne has documented the lives of pop culture legends who fearlessly  pushed conventional social paradigms to elevate, inspire and even define generations.  

This  selling  exhibition  represents  a  hybrid  series  of  Rabanne’s  traditional  prints  and  contemporary  Objets d’art  achieved  through  3D  objects  and  digital  printing  technology  on non­traditional  media,  such  as  Swarovski  crystal  fabric,  wallboards,  leather,  ceramic  tiles, plexiglass, aluminum, wood and metalized papers.  

In this exclusive exhibition for Saks Fifth Avenue, Brickell City Centre , ‘An Homage to Pop  Culture  Icons  and  Heroes,’   Rabanne  optimistically  explores  the  complexities  of  pop  culture superstars and their historical influence on culture.

‘An Homage to Pop Culture Icons and Heroes’ will be on exhibit at Saks Fifth Avenue at  Brickell City Centre in Miami, Wednesday, December 5 ­ Sunday, December 16, 2018.


From  creator  of  candid  images  to  compelling  historian,  Roberto  Rabanne  has  brilliantly  documented more than half a century of iconic culture with his treasured camera. His intimate  portraits  have  graced  the  pages  of  Vogue,  WWD, National  Geographic and Life, capturing  multi­generations  most­famed  artists,  celebrities  and  events.  Through  a  rendering  of  true  moments, Rabanne’s personal archives stake claim on our history, from the 1960s to present  day.  

Born in Panama,  Rabanne  began  his  career  in New York City just as the influences of the  counterculture were being felt in music, fashion, art and politics. In the early years, he captured  the social scene. “The camera was my guitar,” says Rabanne, candidly shooting musicians like  The Grateful Dead, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Janis Joplin and  Bob Marley. Rolling  Stone  magazine’s  Anthony  DeCurtis proclaimed: “[Rabanne] provides a  smart, observant insider’s perspective on the lives of Rock icons.”  

In  the late 1970’s, Rabanne  traveled for Conde Nast Publications photographing the original  supermodels on runways in fashion capitals around the world. His work in fashion expanded to  include designers Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Givenchy, Calvin Klein, Christian Dior, and Jean  Paul Gaultier and many others.  

Rabanne has toured worldwide retrospectives of his art, his photographs hang in the Rock &  Roll Hall of Fame, and his early Grateful Dead photos and graphic elements were an integral  part of the band’s official documentary  Long Strange Trip   at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival .

Rabanne’s photographs are a narrative? they tell a story, capturing an action and emotion,  while never interrupting the fluidity of life. Such is the raw energy and simple beauty of his work.

Inspired by new innovations in multimedia and print technology, Rabanne continues to explore  new techniques, adding finishing touches of non-traditional embellishments to various works alongside his muse Claudia Berk.
Roberto Rabanne currently resides in New York City.
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