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Real prices of Marketwired or a Press Release are not exposed on their websites. Though the information has been collected from reviews for you, and shed some light on the real and effective prices for various press release site who claim to be the cheapest one. The pricing guide for press releases here shows the real price of the most popular press release distribution companies.

Marketwired is a leading press release company and claims to be the best one reaching the maximum number of media outlets. It costs you $460 for 400 words to be posted in your press release and for another 100 words you have to pay $150 extra. Though it does not charge any membership fee, registration is required to post your press release. For photos or any other media, the customer needs to pay an extra amount for each i.e. $50 per photo and $75 per audio or video.

Press Release Jet is much cheaper than Marketwired and costs only $99 for premium press release distribution. They do not charge any extra cost for media, and they claim to cover at least 375 media outlets for your press release.

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Company Name: Press Release Jet
Full Name: Media Relations
Phone: N/A
Email Address: Send Email

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