DURANGO, COLORADO USA – 12-27-2018 (PRDistribution.com) — SHERPA Sustainability Institute rings in the New Year with an Info-Session Series for the UN Sustainable Development Goals Corporate Guidebook Series, held every Thursday in January.

Registration is free at https://sherpa-unsdg-meta-project-group1.eventbrite.comRegister to attend live or view recordings.January Info-Session Series Schedule1/3: Overview Last Call Group 1 Researchers and Writers, Project Plan – Remaining SDGs1/10: SDG 12 Sustainable Consumption & ProductionCall for Case Studies
1/17: SDG 8 Employment & Economic GrowthCall for Case Studies (includes Sustainable Tourism)
1/24: SDG 4 Quality Education Call for Case Studies
1/31: SDG 3 Healthcare & Well-BeingCall for Case Studies (includes Traffic Safety)With the one-decade runway rapidly approaching to achieve its 2030 Agenda, the United Nations has been actively seeking to engage the private sector in achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  Endorsed in 2015 by all 193 UN Member States, the 2030 Agenda and its SDGs focus global efforts and attention on 17 pressing issues and 169 Targets. The UN SDGs have been lauded as a galvanizing force for a more socially responsible global community, while also providing opportunities for businesses. In response to the call to engage the private sector, SHERPA Sustainability Institute is producing the UN SDG Corporate Guidebook Series, to be published by CRC Press.  The non-profit Institute has set the ambitious goal to have all 17 volumes published by the end of 2020.Institute CEO, Rob Wilson explains, “These Guidebooks will provide case studies that offer corporations guidance on how they can align their strategies to the 2030 Agenda, and conversely, how they can realize benefits for themselves from focusing on key SDGs. We’re publishing the entire series by the end of 2020 to provide a decade-long runway for corporate leaders to take action.” SHERPA Co-Founder Andrea Hoffmeier and Expert Coach Tina Agustiady signed as Co-Editors with CRC Press in August 2018. Since then, the Institute has been recruiting researchers, writers and other contributors. The series production will be in four groupings, starting quarterly throughout 2019. Co-Authors for two separate textbooks published by CRC Press, Agustiady and Hoffmeier had been seeking an opportunity to collaborate on a book for some time. Agustiady, also Sustainability Agent at MetLife, gives a lighthearted take on the expanded scope of the project. “We had talked about co-authoring just one, single book. Amazingly, our aspirations grew exponentially into this entire UN SDG Series!”  Hoffmeier further shares the duo’s sense of humor, “We’ve actually adopted a mascot for the series – our “SDG Elephant”, because we’re getting it done ONE BITE at a TIME!”Agustiady and Hoffmeier will Co-Author the SDG 17 Guidebook, which will also serve as the Series Primer and release in Q4 2019, ahead of the remaining 16 Guidebooks.  Rob Wilson, a former CEO in the lighting and furnishing industry explains, “This isn’t about corporate philanthropy; my focus is to keep the team looking through the pragmatic lens of business. Rather than being career non-profit professionals, our entire team comes from industry. We know that executives need to understand what’s in it for their organizations.  We’ll answer that question in the Series Primer – SDG 17 Guidebook, then provide the roadmap to focus on specific SDGs.” Longtime Institute collaborator, Rich Henrick, and Instructor Dr. Barb Hughson are leading two distinct research teams. Henrick, Quality Assurance/Regulatory Compliance Manager at Sanmina Corporation in Huntsville, Alabama, leads the Meta-Research Team. His team is researching over a thousand companies, to identify who is focusing on which SDGs.Henrick explains, “We are seeking case studies that are relatable across geographies and cultures, have replicable approaches, and can be scaled up or down. The most promising case studies will then be parsed out to the individual SDG Researchers, led by Dr. Barb.” Barb Hughson, Ed.D describes a few of her team’s challenges and opportunities. “Some Goals can be much more complex than they appear on the surface, with unexpected Targets, such as Sustainable Tourism in SDG 8, and reduction of traffic fatalities in SDG 3. This provides opportunities for specialized subject matter experts to contribute valuable insights. For example, we have Weylin Ryan, in SHERPA’s hometown of Durango, Colorado, with a Master’s in Sustainable Tourism!  There are still a few openings in the Research and Writing Teams, especially for specific experts, such as Traffic Safety for SDG 3.”Henrick shares why subject matter experts around the globe are volunteering to join the effort, “This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to contribute to a project with fellow thought-leaders around the world! The Meta-Research Team is unique in that its members will be acknowledged in all 17 Guidebooks.”Hughson shares additional opportunities for her team, “All 17 SDG-Specific Research Leads will have the opportunity to write a Forward for the Guidebook to which they contribute. This is a great role for thought-leaders who might not have the bandwidth to co-author, but have deep passion for the topic. Contributing to focused research, topped off with a thought-provoking Forward section is a great opportunity! I encourage anyone interested in contributing to this initial group of SDGs to join the first January Info-Session: Last Call for Researchers and Writers.”Group One Research and Writing Teams start January 7th, with onboarding, including discussion of the book Factfulness, by Hans Rosling, recommended to the group by Rich Henrick. With experience on similar large-scale projects, Henrick explains, “Our teams are chomping at the bit, with some of us having been on board since August. But we’re investing time up front to get on the same page about consistent format, workflow, developing a cohesive voice, as well as defining roles and responsibilities. Our mantra is ‘One bite at a time’ – first, we’ll set the table!” Registration is open for January Info-Sessions https://sherpa-unsdg-meta-project-group1.eventbrite.comQuestions?  Email: [email protected]About SHERPA Sustainability Institute 
We are a non-profit institution, devoted to global collaboration, education and research, advancing continual improvement for social responsibility to build sustainable organizations and communities. www.sherpasustainabilityinstitute.org

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