MANILA – 09-14-2018 ( — Digital currencies started as a small and niche market, but their potential was soon understood by almost everyone interested in the future of online trading. That has led to the creating of many new exchange platforms and countless new traders looking for their way into this new market. 

BIT.CC is as new exciting digital currency platform created with the purpose of helping new traders get acquainted with the business, but also to provide security and create the infrastructure needed for the long-term trading plans. 

Here’s what makes it stand out

Long-term investments

For a while now, investing in digital currency wasn’t considered to be a long-term investment. Everyone used to discuss them as a bubble and it was a novelty in the world of finances, so no one planned to invest in cryptocurrencies with a ten- year plan in mind. However, this is starting to change, since these currencies are now commonplace.

BIT.CC wants to be in the lead when it comes to long-term investors and that’s why it’s offering an interest as long as the investor is holding the asset. This used to be a common feature in traditional trading and bank accounts and now it will make its way to the digital currency market as well.

Connecting with other traders

Keeping track of the latest info about the trade and the state of the currencies you’re purchasing is the most important feature of a successful trader. Since social media is dominating our online lives for years now, it makes sense to combine the two and to organize a platform in a manner that’s similar to social media feeds. That’s exactly what BIT.CC has done. 

The opening page of the BIT.CC platform is modeled to look like a Facebook feed with the relevant news from the industry appearing right in front of the trader. The users can curate this feed and thus find the info they need right away.

Newby traders

It’s expected that many new traders, with little experience in the area of cryptocurrency trading, join the platform in pursuit of business success. That also means that they are likely to make newbie mistakes that can be avoided or at least insured against. One of the greatest novelties of BIT.CC platform comes in this department since it will provide insurance to cover these rookie mistakes in particular.

The most common of such mistakes is missing important trades due to inattention to the data coming in. With insurance covering such cases, BIT.CC platform hopes to attract and calm new traders.

Customer support

The first interactions with the platform are usually of the greatest importance because the process can be intimidating, especially for new traders. That’s where a good customer support comes into play. This isn’t just about putting users at ease; it’s also a first security measure that can end up saving someone’s investment in the future.

BIT.CC makes it easy for the users to get things started and to ask questions about the signing process or any other issues that they might have. This can also be done, via an app that allows the users to track the progress of their complaint. 

Charts, charts, charts

In the end, another useful feature coming from BIT.CC is dedicated to providing the users with actionable data, about their trades. 

The trade section of the platform lets the user keep track of how their trades are going, presented both in form of clear to understand charts and feeds with the latest data. This is useful for both the beginners and those who are expanding their portfolios.


Modern trading platforms need to provide their users with all the data in real time and thus make their work easier. At the same time, they shouldn’t be overwhelming so that small and new traders can get a handle on the trading process. 

This is the market BIT.CC platform is trying to cater to and they are doing a great job. The platform is made to encourage new users and to keep them around for years to come with both the quality of service and the interest they are currently offering.

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