SEATTLE, WA – 12-26-2018 ( — King & Justus announced Wednesday that they are gearing up to expand to 1,000 partners in cities around the world over the final four years of their current Master Plan.

“In 2017, we revealed the four simple parts of our current 10 Year Roadmap that we have kept semi-secretive. It’s really exciting to be past the first two steps, although we will never stop creating and improving the value we deliver,” says Monique Justus, co-founder and CEO of King & Justus. 

As a recap, their Master Plan, Part II, is:

1. Recast our expertise, which would necessarily be time consuming

2. Use that money to perfect the product

3. Use that money to find our essential partners


4. Bring time travel to the masses

“Solving abundance is very important for the future of the world. It’s very important for all humans on Earth,” Monique insisted. “This transcends political parties, race, creed, religion. Listen, since it is now possible to have everyone on Earth enjoy a very high standard of living with all of the amenities that an abundant economy can provide, it’s unacceptable for any human to lack the prosperity to live their purpose.”

Building a global services firm that powers the King & Justus universe and solves abundance for humanity is not easy, even for entrepreneurs like the Justus’s.

Founder and Chairman, Rick Justus, adds, “The key to exponential scale is to do so in a healthy, smart, fast, and consistent way. The long game will always require a long patience. When you commit to building the foundation for scale in a healthy and smart way, you can exponentially grow fast and consistently, sustainably. You must achieve true alignment with your first hundred, or you won’t get the first 1,000 right. It’s imperative that we go slow to go fast.”

Rick and Monique Justus, co-founders and husband and wife, are excited about their 20Y Movement gaining momentum. “We’ve seen the look. There’s a look people get when you know they think you’re certifiably crazy. And, when you render enough of those who doubted the efficacy of your work speechless, you create believers,” Monique said.

In 2019, 300 more CEOs and organizations will be accepted as members of King & Justus Club, the world’s most exponential community. The Justus’s envision impacting millions to benefit billions.

Considering who the Justus’s are, it shouldn’t be any surprise that their unique version of time travel is trending, and poised to go mainstream. Suddenly, their unique approach to time travel doesn’t seem so crazy.

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