CENTENNIAL, CO – 10-05-2018 (PRDistribution.com) — Designer Ellen Keralla, owner of the Colorado company, Rocky Mountain Pins and Needles, is pleased to announce the simultaneous launch of her retail website and her exclusive line of handmade baby clothing, blankets and accessories in the Rocky Mountain Baby Knits Collection.

Individually knitted by hand in the USA, this unique collection by Rocky Mountain Pins and Needles includes a delightful selection of soft baby sweaters, knit hats, baby blankets and dresses for infants and toddlers. The collection of comfortable baby items was revealed to the public on June 15, 2018 on the company’s retail website at Rocky Mountain Pins and Needles.
One intriguing feature of the Rocky Mountain Baby Knits Collection is the type of fiber(yarn) used in the knitted items. In addition to wool yarn, many of the designs are created with ultra-soft specialty yarns spun from llama, angora, bamboo or even banana stalk fibers.
Rocky Mountain Pins and Needles was formed in 2017 when designer Ellen Keralla went into business selling her exclusive designs of baby and adult knit items, handmade fabric bags and internationally imported scarves. Keralla’s handmade items were sold exclusively at craft fairs and Etsy until she expanded her online business by building her own website.
Having originally launched her business with a line of designer bags sewn in her home, Keralla was later diagnosed with Hashimoto Thyroiditis. The ongoing fatigue associated with the condition led Keralla to turn to knitting, which was a less physically demanding activity than sewing handbags. Her eye for fashion and design continue to give her collections the visual appeal that buyers love.
Rocky Mountain Pins and Needles offers free shipping on orders over $100 and currently ships only within the United States. International shipping will be available at a future date. Preferred customers receive an instant 20% discount on their first order by joining the company’s emailing list through the following sign-up form: http://eepurl.com/dceFF1
The Rocky Mountain Pins and Needles website and the Rocky Mountain Baby Knits Collection was simultaneously launched at:Website: https://rockymountainpinsandneedles.comRocky Mountain Pins and Needles can also be found online on the following social media platforms:Facebook: http://facebook.com/ekerallaInstagram: http://instagram.com/ellenknitsandsewsPinterest: http://Pinterest.com/rmpandn.com
For more information, please contact Ellen Keralla at [email protected]

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Company Name: Rocky Mountain Pins and Needles
Full Name: Ellen Keralla
Phone: 7208495239
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Website: https://rockymountainpinsandneedles.com

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