Paramedics For Children ( is launching an all out rescue effort to rescue the children and their mothers abandoned during the Migrant Caravans going to the Mexico and USA border.  We will be scouting around for women and children in those Caravans who have given up and want to return to Honduras. We will start planning the logistics to get a much bigger reverse caravan formed up to go bring these women and children back to Honduras.This will be a mass effort and it must be done soon. What many people do not know is that this entire mass migration was taken to the border by protest organizers and funded by several organizations in the USA who want to force our US borders to open and let them in for their own political agenda.THE HIGHWAY OF DEATHWhen the US border held firm and would not let them in the group that took them to Tijuana Mexico has abandoned them to get home on their own. The distance to walk back iS 2,600 miles down the Coastal highway on the East and west side of mexico (often referred to as the Mexican highway of death) then through to Guatemala, and then on into Honduras, Salvador, and Nicaragua .It is a giant undertaking, and it will have to be done with private donations since the Governments does not want to get involved for bad optical reasons. That being if they save them the protesters will just return again believing that the US Government will pay to return them home. sending the message that they will be saved every time they take the free ride up to the USA to protest.Imagine now you taking your small children and walking the distance from NYC to LA which is about 2,500 miles. The walk is impossible for a small child. The men will fare much better than the woman who will be victims of incredible abuse, and a lot of them and their children could die along the way. Some of them will never see Honduras again. That is pretty sad.A TRUE HUMANITARIAN MISSIONThis is why Paramedics For Children is going to help them get home one bus at a time. Our goal is to rent enough buses to get the women and children who have been stranded at the border of the USA and bring them safely back to Honduras and the rest of Central America. This is a humanitarian mission in it’s purest form. We cannot do this alone so I am asking for your help. Please share this message with everybody you know. Please contact your local paper,and TV stations and tell them about our efforts which will help us to get the word out. Tell your church and your local civic organizations to help us get the word out as well. WHERE ARE THEY NOW?Where are the mothers and the children? Honestly we do not know. We can only start sending out buses to look for them and get the word to the people of Central America that we are looking for them. Nearest estimate is that we have about 5,000 mothers and their children trying to figure out how to get back home. Some are close to our borders working their way back and some are well over 2,000 miles away. Hopefully if we hurry they will still be in groups. We just don’t know. All we know is that they are out there and God wants us to find them.ITS CHRISTMAS PLEASE HELP US FIND THESE CHILDRENPlease SHARE AND RE-SHARE this message everytime you see it.I will be offline from Tuesday December 11-13 on the first bus to go out from Honduras. I will report back what I find. Help us rescue the children of Honduras. www.pfci.orgIF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE CONTACT OUR STATE SIDE OFFICE AND TALK TO ROZ MORTON. 704-763-2251SHARE IF YOU CARE
Paramedics For Children is a 501 (c) (3)  charity non profit charity in the USA. They have their international headquarters located in Copan Ruinas, Honduras on the Guatemalan and Honduras border. This charity is well a established with 22 years of service in Honduras, and holds a platinum award for transparency which is the highest award that can give to a charity . They are no strangers to international disasters, and have been involved with Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Volcanos, and as well as Christmas Tsunami in Indonesia in 2004. Your donations are fully tax deductible. Their IRS ID Number is: 56-2142951   

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