SAN DIEGO – 11-27-2018 ( — Serial entrepreneur Serhat Pala has released his book Getting Unstuck 101: Transitioning from Employee to Entrepreneur. Meant as an inspirational guide for anyone who wants to start a business — especially employees who feel stuck in corporate jobs — publishing the book has been a dream of Pala’s for years.

Having founded several businesses over the past 20 years, Pala has drawn on his wealth of experience and knowledge as a business owner to give readers a complete overview of the process of starting a company.The book takes a deep dive into the process, covering:

  • Getting mentally prepared to make the leap from working for a company to running one.
  • Deciding which type of company to start.
  • Coming up with business ideas.
  • Vetting those ideas and choosing the right one.
  • Testing the validity of a business idea.
  • Dealing with negativity from people who don’t think the business will prosper.
  • Procuring funding.
  • Hiring and leading employees.
  • Managing cash flow.
  • Choosing suppliers.
  • Targeting customers and much more.

Pala sprinkles personal anecdotes throughout the book along with inspirational stories from other successful, well-known entrepreneurs and brands to help encourage would-be founders to realize their own goals of business ownership.After decades of being helped by others in his own quest to reach his goals, Pala is thrilled at the opportunity to pay it forward with this book.“Throughout the building of a business, there are so many people who are instrumental in the process and the possibility of being an integral part of someone else’s success through this book is exciting,” Pala said. “The best way to learn is by making mistakes and there have been many mistakes along the way. Other people might as well use the lessons learned from those mistakes so they can avoid them. Starting a business is fraught with pitfalls and giving dreamers who want to start their own business advice on how to avoid those pitfalls is a way to make the path to entrepreneurship easier for them.”Although geared toward people who feel stuck in a corporate job, any aspiring entrepreneur would find helpful advice and inspiration in the book, Pala says, adding that anyone has it in them to be a business founder.Pala, along with his wife Zeynep Ilgaz, has founded several companies over the past two decades. Two of those businesses, Confirm BioSciences and TestCountry, continue to be successful in the drug testing and general health testing field.The couple has also started other businesses, which they have sold for hefty profits. Some businesses the couple has started have not been successful, but they’ve served as learning opportunities, which Pala has included in Getting Unstuck 101: Transitioning from Employee to Entrepreneur.He and Ilgaz live in San Diego along with their two sons, who are also aspiring entrepreneurs.Getting Unstuck 101: Transitioning from Employee to Entrepreneur is available on Amazon.

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