Relational Junction is used by companies and organizations around the world that care about their data, because it is the only suite of replication, integration and recovery tools that provide for restoration of data for compliance and optimum business performance.  

With Relational Junction, complex data integrations can be easily accomplished via schedulable and monitorable jobs. Sesame Software’s suite of tools do not require a steep learning curve, so users get up and running quickly and Relational Junction can be used in conjunction with a number of platforms, most notably the Salesforce Platform.

“We know compliance is very important to our customers, but equally important is business continuity even in crisis,” says Sesame Software founder and CEO Rick Banister. “We can recover your data back to many points in time with your relationships intact.”

Sesame Software is exhibiting at booth 336 in the Dreamforce Customer Success Expo, showcasing how Relational Junction provides companies with not just theoretical compliance but practical restoration of data, so business continuity is assured.

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About Sesame Software

Headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, Sesame Software is an Enterprise Application Integration/Data company whose Relational Junction products offer cutting-edge solutions for data integration, complete data recovery and data warehousing.           

Media Contact:
Crystal Duarte
Chief Marketing Officer
Sesame Software
Tel:  408-838-8972
[email protected]

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