LOS ANGELES, CA – 12-17-2017 (Press Release Jet) — Bitcoin isn’t the only bubble, we would agree that it is the biggest to date though. As new crypto’s hit the market, many simply just fail and fail some more. Simply charts of all red, and downward trends. However, SKL shows promise.

Shekel (SKL) entered the market on day 1 selling at 0.0001 BTC ($1.75 at the time), before dropping all the way down to the equivalent of $0.01 in bitcoin. For the last 4 days SKL has been on the market it would reach a peak of almost $2, before dropping to one or two pennies. I don’t know what else to say other than there is a lot of green on it’s graphs (via CoinsMarkets)! I was taught that green means go!

Media Contacts:

Company Name: Shekel Labs
Full Name: Kami Natashi
Email Address: Send Email
Website: https://theshekelproject.com

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