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SickTattoos.Org is dedicated to living the tattoo life style

SickTattoos.Org is a leading brand who focuses on Tattoos and Body Modification. They have an expansive online following including over 250k facebook fans. is looking to expand their reach and grow their target audience by implementing online marketing campaigns devised by Revamp Strategies.

Revamp Strategies, LLC is an online marketing company in Pittsburgh, PA. For over 8 years, the team at Revamp Strategies has developed Websites, created Videos and handled Social Media marketing for some of the largest brands on the internet today.

SickTattoos.Org has recently released a blog post titled “Tattoo Ideas For Sisters“. This small campaign also consists of (4) Youtube Videos titled:

Sister Symbol Tattoos | SickTattoos.Org | Tattoo Ideas For Sisters For 2

Sister Infinity Tattoos | SickTattoos.Org | Sister Tattoo Quotes

Meaningful Tattoo Ideas For Sisters | SickTattoos.Org | Ideas For Sisters Who Want Matching Tattoos

Tattoo Ideas For Sisters | SickTattoos.Org |Matching Tattoos For Sisters

SickTattoos.Org is passionate about Tattoos, Body Beautification and Body Modification. The Team at SickTattoos.Org find beauty and peace in helping people who are also passioinate about Tattoos to find art and artists who can assist them in becoming a living piece of art. The Team at understands that body modification is not for everyone and accepts that everyone is unique in both appearance and personal beliefs. Some Tattoo fans have only a small tattoo hidden in a place that can not be seen, while others live a tattoo lifestyle.

The Goal of SickTattoos.Org is provide information for those who are interested in obtaining a Tattoo or other Body Modification and to provide Tattoo ideas by showcasing some of the most amazing Tattoos on the Web. The Team at SickTattoos.Org invites everyone who is interested in or curious about Tattoos and Body Modification to Visit the Site and Join the Facebook page.

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