INDIA – 08-18-2018 (Press Release Jet) — Small business advisor from India, Possible Business Solutions, guiding SMEs globally has announced to hire business and strategy advisors from third world countries, so that SME owners can get help from these talented Management powerhouses.

Ahmedabad – India 16th August 2018 – Indian SME owners globally wanting to pursue business growth and success through strong systems, strategies, execution and reviews, can now take the help of management advisors from third world countries. This will help SME clients with global perspective. And the raw talent from third world countries will get to work on consulting assignments other than their own countries.

“Under the project – Think Global, Act Local, we plan to hire management graduates from third world countries thereby forcing our clients to Think Global yet Act Local,” says CEO Rajiv Bakshi. 

Adds Ms. Deesha Group Head, “Possible is now focusing on hiring Management Graduates from countries where the clients are located or even from the neighboring countries. Presently all our clients globally are serviced from India. This raised the cost of services for the clients. Our team members lose heavily on travel time. With this strategy, we would get raw talent from third world countries. We would hire, train and then assign these talented management graduates with challenging projects.” 

“By end 2020, we want to be industry leader as SME Advisor to Indian SME owners globally. Wherever we go, we strive to be number one amongst SME consultancy services,” says CEO Rajiv Bakshi. “Our basic services are business growth advisory and we advise on every aspect of business be it sales, marketing, purchase, accounts and finance, recruitment and training, production planning, R&D, quality; irrespective of size, markets, industry and businesses. Strategy formulation and execution is our forte”, states Rajiv. 

“Presently Possible services SMEs in GCC, MENA and Africa, Far East. Countless times we have heard Indian business owners say, I wish I had the wherewithal to be a system oriented and build a professional organization, but I just can’t do it because inviting advisors from abroad is an exorbitant cost for us. That’s where we decided to have local management advisors, says Deesha. She further adds, “All our clients are a force to reckon within the industry. If we provide advisors who can visit them at short intervals they would grow many times over in a very short period. We have 100% happy clients and 96% would recommend our service to others. Moreover, many a religious sect from India with branches abroad also strongly recommend their SME community members to take business growth guidance from us.”

“Possible is focused on finding the right fit. When we recruit we’re looking to make sure the candidate is a great fit for not only us but the client and potential client as well. Attracting the right people is the first, but the most critical step in the hiring process. We work hard to do a good job of articulating our culture and value as an employer to attract the right talent for our team. Once hired the candidate is made to become independent from day one.” 

         -Rajiv Bakshi, Founder & CEO of Possible Business Solutions

Life at Possible, #1 Small Business Advisor

10 Reasons to become a Small Business Advisor at Possible

  1. Possible is a great place to push your career to the next level

  2. A global leader in Small Business Advisory services

  3. Best in class learning and professional development opportunities

  4. International mobility options 

  5. A culture built on collaboration and independence

  6. Leveraging diversity 

  7. Possible is an inspiring place to work since we mean results

  8. We believe in Think Global, Act Local

  9. Empowerment and recognition for initiatives

  10. Our people are our prized assets


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About Small Business Advisor – Possible Business Solutions 

Possible is the first consulting firm to focus consulting exclusively for MSMEs only. Today we work with MSMEs and have helped several of them become global champions. We partner with them, work to drive growth, passion through latest global management techniques.

We continue developing an unequalled amount of high quality knowledge, data, and analytics, on MSME specific topics, globally.

We are passionate about building future business leaders from MSME segment.

We have plans to recruit the best talent from entrepreneurship B schools, globally; invest heavily in their development, and put a major focus on building our clients’ capabilities.

Besides being into Business Growth Advisory Services, we are also into promoting products from MSMEs across the globe in India and outsourcing products for Global MSMEs from Indian MSMEs.

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