SANDPOINT, ID – 11-26-2018 — uQontrol Inc., the creator the world’s first Chip and PIN payment and security key for online transactions, today announced it begins shipping Qkey uQontrol re-imagined the internet by putting the world’s first “smart” security key in the hands of consumers who seek to take back control of their online privacy. uQontrol took a page from the payment card playbook, specifically embedding smart security “chips” onto payment cards reducing in-store bank card fraud. Qkey embedded the same smart “chip” technology onto security keys reducing online account takeover and payment card fraud while making the consumer experience simpler and more familiar. 

Creating and remembering complex passwords, entering website addresses, filling out forms or even entering payment card data are all relics of the past. “We would never tolerate this convoluted experience at retail stores so why do we tolerate it online, it’s just not smart,” stated Christopher Maus, CEO of uQontrol. With Qkey, one-key and one-password provides total-access reducing “security fatigue”, an unwelcome part of everyone’s online experience. 

uQontrol took it one step further by providing consumers a more natural smart phone navigation experience right on their PC. Qkey is easy to use and works with virtually all web accounts. The user simply loads their personal information on their Qkey and then they’re good to go. The New Qkey internet experience utilizes icons with one-click access, touch-screen navigation, single sign-on, along with a rich “mobile” application supporting a host of expanding features. The Qkey application runs directly from the key it’s not on the PC or in the cloud. 

Qkey is simply a “computer” on a key, the world’s first security platform, and much like smart phones, Qkey supports an ever-expanding suite of apps further improving the consumer experience, and this is just the beginning. uQontrol sees “consumer control” as the next big wave in our digital evolution.

“The current internet experience is reminiscent of the old “dirty stores” from the 80s and 90s that pushed ads into every aspect of the shopping experience. However, the internet is even worse because they also collect our most personal data to push even more ads our way. It’s way past time we create a more secure “clean-store” experience online”, stated Brandon Maus, co-founder of uQontrol, “with the growing movement toward a “decentralized-web” on the server side, Qkey paints a new picture of what a “disconnected-web” will look like from the consumer side.”

uQontrol re-imagined an internet with a rich, natural, proven user experience we all know and trust. This radically simple solution utilizes the same “smart” chip technology we all use every day when making payments at retail stores or withdrawing cash at ATM’s. People can now secure their sensitive payment card data and make online payments directly from the digital cards in the Qkey “smart” wallet. With Qkey you make payments without typing in your sensitive card data. Using security chips online is just “smart”.

Qkey utilizes “smart” chip technology, multi-factor authentication, multi-layered-security as well as a dedicated embedded browser reducing vulnerabilities hackers exploit to steal personal information. The uQontrol patented “smart” technology helps prevent everything from phishing scams, to keyloggers, from browser attacks to payment card theft. Like your keys and cards, Qkey is more private, secure and intuitive, simply because it’s off-the-grid and in-your-pocket.

“A new generational shift begins with consumers taking back control of the internet, replacing the old internet model of corporate hubs,” said Christopher Maus, CEO of uQontrol, “the next digital revolution begins with consumers as the hub and ending with an explosive new wave of a more private and secured online economy. This internet renaissance will be driven by consumers not industry or technology.”

After years of development and numerous university studies, followed by a year-long beta program, Qkey is now ready to ship. uQontrol sees consumers taking back control of their privacy, from web accounts to payments, from health records to banking, from communications to virtually everything else online. Internet security and privacy is now back in consumers hands where it belongs. 

About uQontrol

uQontrol (u-control) is the developer of the Qkey, a radically simple and familiar new way to protect sensitive information and payments online. Qkey is the world first “smart” security key, a digital platform with an embedded computer that seamlessly unlocks a more intuitive online experience. The uQontrol patented technology helps secure web accounts, payments and private data online with the same security “chip” technology as used by the payment card industry. Just like inserting payment cards into an ATM or payment terminal, users simply insert Qkey into any computer USB port and enter their PIN/password, opening a more trusted, familiar and rich online experience.Qkey utilizes numerous physical and virtual security layers along with a dedicated embedded browser, eliminating the need to type in passwords, payment card numbers and other personal information that are vulnerable to hacking. The future of online security is now in the hands of consumers. 

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